Friday, May 1, 2009

YSL Tresor D'Afrique Lip Palette

I felt that a better mood would be set for this post on the YSL Tresor D'Afrique if I wrote it in French; however, my many years of studying the language in no shape gave me proficiency in that languge so entry in English it is! The Tresor D'Afrique lip palette is part of the YSL summer collection. I had thought I would fall for the quint eyeshadow palette from this release but instead the lip palette has wooed me. It comes in a nice matte dark bronze compact which I love because it doesn't show any smudgy fingerprints that the shiny compacts do and comes with a velvet brown sleeve.

Inside contains 4 punchy colors that are great for summer. Each lip color has a watermelon scent similar to the Rouge volupte lip stick.There is a shimmery bubblegum pink gloss, a medium orange gloss with no shimmer, a sheer shimmery pale pink gloss, a burgundy gloss and a fuchsia lipstick. I was worried the bubblegum pink pink gloss would be too sheer but I was wrong and it showed up brighter than I expected. The orange color is a bit bright as well but still wearable. Although the colors are pretty bright, they can be blotted down for a sheerer look.

I am really glad I picked up this palette. I normally don't like lip palettes but all the lip colors have great pigmentation to them and show up well on my medium pigmented lips. I've worn the glosses alone and they've lasted a few hours (no serious eating involved). A nice way to kick off summer!


izumi said...

that light pink looks preeeeetty. and the pink on the right of it. nice palette! i hate when i get fingerprints on stuff D: so yay for matte stuff!!

fuzkittie said...

Wow those are gorgeous!! I liek the orange one a lot!


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