Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paul and Joe...mmmh stuff

I was wondering if the Bergdorf counter would have the Paul and Joe summer collection in already so I made a visit last Tuesday after work. The beauty floor was so empty. There were definitely more SA's than customers so I had to skillfully avoid eye contact so they would not pounce on me (I buy enough without harassment =P).

I made it to the Paul and Joe counter and I didn't see any of the summer stuff but I figure I would poke around. I ended up chatting with the really nice girl behind the counter. She told me one of the most popular item was the new foundation and she mentioned some of the skin care items. I had time to kill so why not, I decided to get matched for a foundation since I figure it would be helpful for future reference.

She used the light cleansing milk to remove the foundation I had on (Dior Airflash) and matched me on the first try-whoop! I'm 40 Almond in the protective fluid foundation. It really did give me a nice glow with decent coverage so this maybe my alternate to the vv expensive Airflash especially nice in the summer since it feels lighter and has the sun protection. She dusted on some of the Mauve press powder, which was nice but I didn't feel I needed right away ( I will give into it soon most likely). She also put on me a lipstick and lip gloss which I ended up loving-lipstick in 29 and lip gloss in 4. I also left with some skincare samples~all three of the cleansing milks.

Top to bottom: foundation 004, lipstick 29, lip gloss 4 (no flash and with flash)

She also mentioned the loyalty program. You sign up and for every $50 you get a kitty stamp on a card (bc the founder is obsessed with cats) and you get a gift once you collect 10 stamps. You also get a welcoming kit for signing up. I got the kit super fast, I signed up that Tuesday and had my welcome kit by Friday. It had sample of the toner (I had asked about it), light cleansing milk, moisturizing cream, purfume sample (although my vial was missing from the cardboard sleeve-there as still enough fragrance left on the card) and a cute brown and white make up bag.

Since BG didn't have the summer '09 items, I decided to order some online. I purchased the 3 nail polishes, 2 lip glosses and 2 of the eye shadows.

The nail polishes were all shaken from traveling so I did not see the cool stripe look that the promo pics showed right away. After a few hours of being upright, you can kind of see the separation but not very defined. After sitting upright overnight, the separation is much more apparent. 001 is light bronze with gold shimmer, 002 is clear with gold shimmer, and 003 is a sheer bright pink with gold shimmer. When dried, the polish does have a floral scent to it. Not a bad scent, just un-expected.

L to R: 001, 002, 003 (no flash, with flash)

L to R: 002, 001, 003

The 2 shadows I picked up from this collection were a dark brown with gold shimmer (002) and golden color with gold shimmer (001). The colors are pretty, but not super unique. The quality of the shadow is excellent though; I wore them today and they blended easily and did not crease. I think I will wait till BG has the collection in stock and check out the pink gold color.

L to R: 002, 001 (no flash (natural light), with flash)

I couldn't resist the swirl lip glosses that were being release although I only got the pink and gold one. They were both well pigment, shimmery and super comfortable on the lips.

This was a cute collection overall, although if you don't like gold shimmer it won't be for you =) The shimmer is done in a nice way for all items. I kind of wish there as more variety but I will enjoy the items I got. Hope you liked the pics, my allergy med is kicking in so time to call it a night!


birkinbagbeauty said...

Yey, this is the first review with swatches I read of the new summer P&J collection. Thank you for posting the swatches: I was really curious of how the lipglosses in pink and gold would look: they seem quite opaque.
The eyeshadows are really pretty...not explicitly unique, but really suitable for a natural look.

Stephanie said...

oOOoooH paul and joe stuff is so glam! You have so much!

fuzkittie said...

Woohoo!!! Drool at all your P&J! Hahaha. Yay I have #4 gloss too. I want polishes 01 and 03, and that pink swirl gloss!!!

izumi said...

ooooo what nice buys :D i love when i can purchase unhasseled too.. though i don't like being ignored like some SA's do.

Edna said...

P&J stuffies look amazing. I only have two items- the two disney blushes :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, Paul&Joe is pure love! ;)

Nail Color 001 and 002 are so pretty!

Bijin Blair said...

Nice haulll!

mayaari said...

nice purchase :) the glosses look really pretty!

Jennnn said...

Ooh I really like the shade of lipstick and the pink lipgloss!

Laura L said...

what a nice haul
lol, my eyes just don't want to blink, I wanna stare at all those P&J goodies!

Annie Dong said...

Hmm! Interesting separation in those nail polishes!

I love the color of that P&J lipstick! *must get!*

Jenni said...

The P&J nail polishes look so prettttty!


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