Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jill Stuart 5th anniversary Diamond Sparkle Nail Collection

I had ordered the Jill Stuart Diamond Sparkle Nail Collection from gooddealer.com and of course it arrives to work the day I planned to take a day off, but thankfully my co-worker/friend picked up the package for me and I was able to pick it up from her house before the long weekend.

The box was cute, a bit smaller than I thought judging from the outer box since there are 2 foam cushions for padding. It has a decent weight and would make for a cute place to store jewelry, once I clear a spot on my dresser. I've never tried Jill Stuart nail polish before and these 3 were pretty decent. The floral smell that lingers after the polish dries reminds me of the Paul & Joe summer polishes. I haven't worn them for an extended period of time so I can't say how long it lingers or how long the polish lasts but in the future, I'll probably give other colors a try.


SweetFurr said...

They are really pretty! Where did you order them?

izumi said...

the shimmery black looks fun :D

Lynnie said...

those bottles are really pretty but NO MORE polish after this! ;)

Shop N' Chomp said...

That box is beyond girly! Love it :)


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