Friday, September 11, 2009

NY Fashion's Night Out~Mac Black Collection and Chanel Jade Polish

Looking at the list of participants for New York Fashion's Night Out, I was overwhelmed and didn't know if I would have the energy to check out too many stores, but I walked around enough to get a feel for things.

My first stop was the Chanel boutique. They were doing a manicure event and doing an exclusive release of the Jade nail polish. It's a really pretty shade of pistachio green with a green shimmer to it. There was also a color called Jade Rose that was a light nude color with a bit of rose shimmer to it (pretty as well but a bit *yawn*). I ran in, bought the polish and ran out. The manicure event had not started yet but a crowd was already forming.

Next stop was Mac, stood on line once again and waited for the doors to open. They were doing a preview of the Black Collection. The mineralized eye shadows were pretty but they reminded me of the Too Faced metallic metor eye shadows which I already have. I actually think the Too Faced shadows have more pigment to them. *Edit* It wasn't the Too Faced shadows I had in mind-the shadows are shimmery but not sparkly like the Mac shadows. I swear I've see dupes of these, I just need to think. The Mac shadows were black based but they seemed dusty, the shimmer in them was pretty though. The glimmerglasses were along the same vein, sheer black base with bright shimmer. I might go back after the official release to re-visit the glosses but eh.

A nice base for the eye shadows was the grease paintstick that was release, it was described as a deep black but I detect a faint purple shimmer to it. The paintstick comes in a shadestick type of packaging. It goes on creamy, but once set its suppose to be smudge proof.

There were also 3 polishes. Baby Goth Girl is a shimmery burgundy color with gold flecks, Nocturnelle is a black cream and Seriously Hip was a dark bronze color. I only picked up Baby Goth Girl, although I will probably go and get Seriously Hip later on. *Update: I added an additional pic of Baby Goth Girl so you can see the flecks more*

Top: Baby Goth Girl (I was hoping the flecks would show up more),
Nocturnelle and Seriously Hip
Bottom: Grease paintstick

Here's the EOTD I had today for work. I'm wearing the Stila Little Black Dress as my liner. I kept the line thin so it wasn't too sparkly. I have the pastel pink color on from the All Doll'd Up palette and a soft grey in the crease (which had faded by the end of the day).

I added on the grease paintsick and made a thicker line

I applied the Bobbi Brown metallic creme shadow in Starry Purple all over my lid. The grease paintstick definitely help the shimmer in the Starry Purple to stand out more. Lined the lower eye line with black liner (which I swear I could not easily fine. I have various colored eyeliner pencils but I could not find a black one) and added Mac pearlglide liner in Rave on top of the black liner. Can't wait for Dsquared collection to come out next month with the grease paintsticks in other colors.


izumi said...

ooooo nice buys :) loving your two eotd's!

Tracy said...

Looks like the nailpolish from MAC Sugarsweet collection - I think it's called peppermint? Love the colour though!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your EOTD and that polish is so pretty! :)


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