Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stila Barbie Loves Stila collection

I had seen the promo pics for the Stila Barbie Loves Stila collection and as interesting as the All Doll'd Up palette looked, I wasn't initially sold on it. Colors looked nice enough but I wondered if I might have a lot of similar colors. Also the stila website hates me and I always have problems getting the page to load. Well surprisingly, this collection showed up at my local sephora store and it won me over once I got the chance to swatch the collection in person.

I managed to snag the last All Doll'd Up palette on displayed (woo hoo!). This palette is pretty nifty and a pretty good deal at $28 for 12 shades.

All Doll'd palette, little black dress smudge pot

Top 2 circles (shimmery champagne, shimmery medium brown, pastel pink with bright pink sheen, teal with bright blue green sheen, dark grey with multi colored shimmer, medium purple with purple sheen)

Bottom 2 circles (cornflower blue with blue sheen, black with subtle blue shimmer, pewter grey, pale gold, dark brown with subtle green sheen, mossy green)

This is a very cute palette. My favorite colors are the pastel pink and cornflower blue. The purple on top was the only color that was a bit chalky. The others were very smooth and pigmented.

One item from this collection that pipqued my interested was one of the smudge pots in Little Black Dress. It's described as black with pink glitter. I was super interested in how it would look. It turned out to be quite gorgeous. The glitter is bright pink and stands out against the black base, in part I think because the black isn't the darkest and at first I almost view it is a dark brown, nonetheless a really pretty color and I'm tempted to get a back up =)

I also purchased the lip enamel trio. The formula is a bit thicker than the lip glazes and more like a liquid lipstick than gloss. The set has Happiness (pale pink), Tickled Pink (bright fuschia pink) and Joy (blood red).

Top -> bottom: Happiness, Tickled Pink, Joy and Little black dress smudge pot

After having the lip enamel swatches on my hand for a bit, the red and bright pink did start to bleed a bit so it may be worth it to wear these with a liner.

I was surprised that I did like this collection as much as I did and I am happy I got to check it out in person before writing it off. I do not see it available on the Sephora website but it is available on the Stila website.


SweetFurr said...

I got the eyeshadow palette too. The cover of the palette is so pretty, and there are 12 colors which is really a good deal!

izumi said...

that gel liner looks really interesting o__O can you do a look w/ it?

Citrine said...

Wooo, I love the lip enamel. The shadow look pretty cool as well...I guess I have to stop by sephora this weekend!


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