Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lunch time visit to Jill Stuart

Ever since I read tidbits on how the Jill Stuart soho store has started to carry beauty items, I couldn't wait to visit the store and see what they have. I walk in the store and it was empty except for 4-5 girls (most who worked there it seemed). I looked around trying to spot a beauty counter. mmh maybe it's downstairs. I walk down the stairs and nope, all very fancy evening wear.

I go back upstairs and walk deeper in the store and I spotted. They had a handful of items in a display case off to the side near the registers-huh? So I stared at it and I could not believe they weren't out in the open-even Chanel boutiques have testers out in the open for you to try out their product. I think you can ask to try the items but what a hassle. Then I couldn't believe how small the selection was- 3 eye shadow palettes, 3 blush palettes, 3 lip jelly, 3 lip glosses out of a collection that has about 19 eye shadow palettes, 10 blush palettes, 26 lip glosses etc. It didn't even have the latest fall offerings. Boo. To see pics of this itty bitty display, please click here. I asked the SA (who were not helpful whatsoever and ignored me for the most part) if that was it for their beauty collection. She said yes and went back to her newspaper. So lame. I hope they do expand the collection and other venues start to carry it since that store's customer service was pretty lacking.


izumi said...

:( sounds super lame!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how frustrating hm? :/

sizbelle said...

they are not even carrying the full range? how can that be... wish you luck that they can expand or improve their service!

Yumeko said...

ah tats terrible
i am sorry to hear

hope they pick up soon!


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