Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lipstick Queen Five Minutes of Fame Gloss Sets

While shopping for secret santa goodies, I came upon these gloss sets from Lipstick Queen. Each set includes 5 colors from their 15 minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss collection. The colors are labeled from 1 minute to 15 minutes and go from pink/nude shades to a deep berry/red shades. The Five Minutes of Fame Gloss Sets come in 2 variations-The Nudes and The Berries.

The Nudes (from L to R) contain Minutes #1 (pale pink), #12 (medium berry pink), #3 (bright medium pink) , #4 (nude pink), and #13 (bright berry).

The glosses come with a brush applicator. It was kind of annoying that they brushes don't seem to be even between the different shades so some glosses had a longer/thinner brush tip than others.

The glosses wear well. They have almost a gel consistency and aren't sticky at all.

The Berries set (From L to R) contain Minutes #5 (sheer nude), #2 (light pink), #14(berry red), #11(violet) and #15(brick red).

Applicator shot:


Random lip swatch for 2 minutes:

Each of these "mini" glosses contain 0.04 fl oz of product while I thin the "full size" is 0.06 fl oz, so these sets are quite a good deal considering they are priced at $28 while individual pop art glosses are $16.5o. I bought these sets from Space NK. I've seen them at both the Bloomingdale installations and the free standing stores. On the website, they only have the Berries set listed. For additional swatch pics and to see the remaining shades from this line, click here to go to KarlaSugar's awesome post.


Bijin Blair said...

Both sets are equally nice and value for money too!! Jenn dear, which set do you prefer?

Jenn said...

Blair, I think I'll have to lean towards the plum set =)


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