Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Revlon Colorsurge lipstick and new Luxurious Color eye shadows

I love going to drugstores. If I pass by one and I've never seen it before I will go in and scope it out. So far the top of my drugstore list is Shoppers Drug mart in Canada, it was heaven. In NYC, there are a lot of drugstores but they are not all equal. There are the "nice" ones and the ones that you go to only in an emergency. Anyway, my bf tends to try and stop me from going into drugstore because he knows I'll buy make-up. I try to restrain myself but when I stopped by one after work, I couldn't help myself.

Revlon had some new things displayed; there was a new line of eye shadows, a new color collection and a new line of lipstick. The eye shadows offered 2 finishes-satin and perle with 5 colors in each finish. Perle is more shimmery, while satin is more sueded. I picked up one satin, one perle and one perle from the color collection that had larger flecks in it. I was tempted by a new creme shadow palette from the color collection but I resisted.

L to R: Nude Slip (satin), Brushed Copper (perle), Lilac Shimmer (perle)

Next up were the new lipsticks. When I was a teen, I use to think Revlon was the only brand to buy since that was what my Mom and sisters used, but I soon realized that it had the worse taste/smell and I soon avoided them even if there were a pretty shade or 2 beckoning me. This color surge lipstick however, offered a new packaging that was pretty cute but there was no window to the actual product, only a corresponding color cap. I decided give it a try and only pick up one.

Colorsurge in Baby Pink

Top: Nude slip, Brushed copper and Lilac shimmer
Bottom: Baby Pink

The eye shadows were nice. I was in the mood for more neutral colors so I grabbed the Nude slip (light brown) and Brushed Copper (light golden copper). Both went on very smooth. I didn't think Brushed Copper was that much more shimmery than Nude slip but somehow it's classified as perle while Nude Slip is satin. Lilac shimmer (pale lilac base with silver flecks) is part of the new color collection and I thought it was pretty color. I was afraid of the fleck fallout but I figure I would try it. It goes on a bit better than pictured but the there is fallout from the flecks (they don't stick at all) so you're just left with a silvery color with a hint of lilac.

The big winner was the colorsurge lipstick. It goes on glossy and super smooth. Best of all, there was no weird taste or strong smell. I'm definitely going back and trying the other colors! The packaging also wins points for being matte - no greasy fingerprints! It is a bummer though that you can't really see the color inside and often there isn't testers so you have to chance it that the color will be something close to the cap. The color cap for baby pink was a decent representation. I hope that's also the case for the other colors. Will hopefully pick up some more shades soon.


Bijin Blair said...

Jenn! Have you tried the Color Sensational line? How does it compare to Colorsurge?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, I love the packaging and color on that lipstick! So cool looking. :) I do remember Revlon lippies always having an awful smell. Great to know this one does not!

izumi said...

gah! must find at a CVS xD

Annie Dong said...

The new shadows look amazing! I haven't been to a drugstore makeup aisle in such a long time - I really should stop by once in a while!

Marce said...

These are beautiful! I love the new packaging for the lippies, can't wait to get them here, and when they do arrive, I'll definitely be checking out this shade. The shadows I'd like to see in person.
Ohh I'm a drugstore fan too, I always leave with something new!

K said...

Thanks for the swatches! DR is everywhere but I feel like they are overpriced...


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