Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rococo Nail Apparel~Holiday trio and Gold Fleck Polish

In the midst of trying to complete my Christmas shopping. I stumbled upon Rococo Nail Apparel. When I first saw the display at Space NK in Bloomingdales, I thought the colors were pretty but nothing called out to me. I ended up having to go to the freestanding Space NK a few blocks away to pick up an item and I noticed that there was an interesting clear polish with gold colored flecks.

I decided to not be impulsive and did not purchase this polish but looking at my one partially painted pinky later made me want it so I went back to get it the next day. Next to the standard display was a holiday set with a pretty shimmery taupe color. I asked the sales associate if it was sold individually and of course it wasn't, so I decided to go ahead and get the holiday trio. Pricewise it's a pretty good deal as well, the set is $34, individual regular polishes are $16.50 each.

Left to Right: Molten Lava, Pop Culture Luxe, No Shrinking Violet Metallic

Molten Lava is an awesome shimmery silver taupe

Pop culture luxe is a bright berry red with a subtle silver sheen.
There is a "regular" Pop Culture that is the same color but without the silver sheen.

No shrinking violet metallic (name says it all)

They formula on these were very nice-not too thin and not goopey. The dried time was decent as well. I did 2 coats for the swatches above.

Soooo, I went to purchased the gold leaf polish but turns out they were out of stock. They called the Space NK at Bloomies and they didn't have it either. While the SA was calling another location, the Bloomies one actually called back and said they did have it-yay! Apparently one was on hold but someone didn't come to pick it up.

The gold flecked polish came in a little decorated box (the holiday set comes in a box with similar design:

The polish is clear with 24kt flecks. By itself, it's pretty subtle, but layered over other colors it definitely gives an interested twist to your mani. I didn't shake the bottle enough at first so it was hard to get the flecks onto the brush. After a few shakes it was better. I've been in the mood for the Chanel jade so here it is with the gold fleck layered over it:

So far Space NK is the only place I've seen to offer this brand. Click here to go to their online store.


izumi said...

oOooo i'm loving the taupe, purple and gold xD

chanel jade is quite pretty as well <3

Jessica Madeline said...

Try the gold leaf over hot pink. I saw it on one of the salesgirls at Space NK, and I asked her where she got her nails done, since it was so cool looking. She said she just layered the Rococo Gold Leaf over her pink polish and that's it.

Aisling McSweeney said...

I really enjoy the gold leaf. Not too thrilled about the price though. I'm such a cheapass.

Jenn said...

@Jessica Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try it out soon. =)

@crotchfairy Yeah I was iffy on the price too but I haven't seen anything like it so far.


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