Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coffret D'Or Jewelicious Eyes palette and Innocent blush

I decided to take advantage of the 15% off sale at (use promo code: xmas09, offer valid till 12/31) and order a few items from the Coffret d'Or Spring 2010 collection. I ordered Friday night and got my package on Monday!

I ordered the jewelicious eye shadow palette in 02 and o4. I've been trying to resist getting every purple palette on earth and instead I'm expanding my neutral color collection. The outside of the palette is a mirrored plastic with a portrait of pink crystals. Each palette has a highlighting shadow, a glitter shade, lid color, and a liner color.
Pics of 02:

Pics of 04:


Top: 02 palette has a white shimmery shadow, cool pink glittery shadow, a rose-gold shadow and a dark grey with multi-colored shimmer.
Bottom: 04 palette has a white shimmery shadow (maybe a tad warmer than the one in 02, but that could be my imagination), a warm pink glittery shadow, a taupe bronze shadow and dark brown with gold shimmer.

The shadows go on smooth and are well pigmented. The glittery shade is....glittery, it sticks ok when layered over the other shadows but I still find it a bit annoying to apply.

The other item from the spring collection that I ordered was the innocent blush in PK25. I wasn't really a blush person till recently and I have to admit part of the draw was the cute packaging. It comes in a round tub with a mirrored lid. When you unscrew the top, there is a mirror underneath the lid and a small brush included.

There is a separator between the brush and the blush powder.

Swatch using a fan brush:

The other items I ordered were the vitacreme B12, L'egere peeling gel and Adress Gorgeous Queen Liquid liner (not pictured).

I had received a sample of the vitacreme from a previous order and I've been using it at night for a few days. So far I liked it so I'll moved on to the full size tube and after reading Mona's review here on this creme; it seems it takes awhile to really see results. I haven't tried the peeling gel yet but I have used the liquid liner and I like it a lot. It goes on smooth and it was easy to do a winged liner look with it.


Bijin Blair said...

I always assumed that Coffret D'or's eyeshadows are sheer, it's really nice to hear that they are pigmented =D

Stephanie said...

beautiful palettes! Eye of the Day Please!

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a great haul, Jenn! =) I especially love the e/s and blush.

Happy New Year's!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you already got your hands on these two palettes! I have my eyes on them too!

Thanks for the swatches!

hanidee said...

They look nicely pigmented! Thank you so much for the swatches! I've been eyeing these<3


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