Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dior Five Golds palette-Holiday 2010

I stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue a few weeks ago since I had a promotional gift card to use and I spotted a few of the Dior Holiday items. The Minaudiere clutch palette didn't wow me enough and in the end I only purchased the Dior Five Golds palette.

The name is a bit of a misnomer since the palette doesn't really have five golden colors. It actually has a bright silver, a shimmery copper, a shimmery bronze, a shimmery light gold and a glittery black.

The shimmery copper and shimmery bronze are the standout colors and I do like them a lot. They kind of reminded of some of the Urban decay colors so I compared them to 2 that I though seemed to be similar-half baked and smog.

Half baked had more of a sheen to it and was a bit brassier than the Dior copper. Smog was close to the bronze in the Dior palette but it also seem to have a different finish to it and the color was just a bit off.

I'm on the fence on this palette, the browns are gorgeous but the other colors in the palette are just ok for me. I've seen this listed on the site but it's currently not in stock.


Stephanie said...

The silver shade is really really gorgeous from your swatch

izumi said...

i love the finishes/shades in the dior palette over the comparison UD ones i think.. i find it hard to LOVE a dior palette because i usually only end up liking 2-3 shades and the others are just "OK" for me :|

Laura L said...

wow, is really pretty!

reene said...

Wow.. the lighter colors are so glittery looking! The bronzey colors swatched so prettily though. In general the palette isn't bad looking, but I think I will pass on this one. ^^ Thank you for sharing!


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