Saturday, October 2, 2010

tokidoki Robbery Palette

I spotted the tokidoki Robbery Palette on and had to order it right away. It was too cute to pass up and packed a lot into one kit.

The palette comes in a metal tin with a large detachable magnet. It's the same logo design as the one on the tank tops.

Here's the tin with the magnet removed:

When the tin is opened; the lid contains a small mirror and the bottom houses 3 mini palettes.

When the mini palettes are removed; you can see the poor jailed characters.

Here's the three palettes opened up:

The first palette is called Royal Pride. The shadows are Royal Pappa (bronze), Savana (Bright gold), Ercolino (copper) and Bulletto (golden dark brown). The cheek color is Royal Pride (golden shimmery light brown)

The second palette is Arlecchino palette. The shadows are Soya (lime green), Candy cane (silvery white), Ninja Dog (shimmery indigo), and Meteo (navy pearl). The cheek color is Momobella (golden shimmery pink).

The last palette is Rapina palette. The shadows are Liberty (dark blue teal), Bullets (silvery grey), LA Gun (dark blue green), Adios (matte black). The cheek color is Polpettina (shimmery dark pink).

The shadows dry swatched decently except for Liberty =( Sorry no swatched for the cheek colors, they weren't showing up well, although you can see Royal Pride between the eyeshadow swatches for the first two palettes. I didn't realize it would show up till I took the pics. doh.

Close up for Royal Pride and Arlecchino palettes:

Swatch for Rapina palette:

Judging from the Cromatico Eyeshadow list, most of the shadows are new except for Savana, Bulletto, and Soya. Royal Pride is the only cheek color currently available solo. Along with the cute packaging, I think this is an awesome way to try out the tokidoki shadows without dealing with the bulky packaging and it's nice to see some more cheek colors available as well. The palette is also super travel friendly since you can just take one mini palette at a time. The set was $49 on


Catherine said...

OMG!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Stephanie said...

The set is so cute! $49 is not a bad price either ^_^

izumi said...

what a cute set!! i thought i'd like rapina the most but from the swatches, the other two look so much better.

reene said...

It's not a bad value for so many colors, and the packaging is so cute! I like the first and last palette. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I feel a tinge of envy for I could never get hold of this here! I am quite sure it is the cute packaging that has caught my attention. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

whoa, the lime green is such an unusual color! pretty :D!

kawaiikao said...

i just might have to add this to my f&f list when sephora has their sale. thanks for the swatches!


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