Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paul & Joe Holiday 2010-Eye & Lip sets and Nail polish

I'm a sucker for nice packaging and Paul & Joe often has some of the cutest packaging around so it's oh so hard for me to resist. I purchased both of the eye & lip color sets and some of the nail polishes from the holiday collection through I haven't gotten a chance to swatch the collection so it's just product pics for now.

The theme of this collection is "symphony". The lining of the boxes and the eye shadow cards have a sheet music design on them.

Each of the Eye & Lip color sets come in a floral pouch with a kiss clasp.


The Eye & Lip color set includes a lip rouge and 5 eyeshadow cards.

For the Adagio set, there is a dark pink/red color combine with a light pink color:

The five eyeshadow cards:


For the Allegro set, the lip rouge is a shimmery clear color combined with a dark pink flower.

The eye shadow cards:


So far, I like the colors in both sets. The eye shadow cards are novel although they do have an over sized sample feel to it =P Hopefully both items will wear well. I will post swatches once I have the heart to use them.

The 2 polishes I decided to get are Classical (light pink) and Minuet (light grey cement):


Minuet reminds me of Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane polish:

A new press powder duo was also released along with a limited edition compact case with the floral motif like the pouch. There is a Face color and Lip gloss set shown on the Paul & Joe beaute website but I haven't seen it available yet.


Unknown said...

Whoa, the lip set packaging is gorgeous and I am totally digging the music theme! Shadow cards are definitely big are they? They do look a bit like an "oversized sample" ^^ Overall, nice haul :D

Jenn said...

@insideoutelle The theme is quite nice =) The cards are about 2-3/4 inches by 1-3/4 inches. I would guess they are about the size of most blotting papers packs. So pretty small but it's estimated at around 30 uses.

izumi said...

hahah oversized samples.. but the packaging is really cute (ah, us suckers haha) and i love the fact that it comes in a kiss clasp pouch!

Laura L said...

P&J always offer really cute and nice packaging.

Jess said...

Oh, this Paul&Joe Holiday Set looks amazing!

reene said...

P&J packaging is always too cute. I think I prefer the colors of the Adagio set as they seem a little bit more wearable for me. Although the Allegro colors are cute too. That said, I think I would pass on the sets. The polishes though.. I think I want them all! Thank you for sharing! ^^

kawaiikao said...

oooh pretty!!!


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