Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kose Esprique-Dimensional Eyes, Aqua Drape Rouge and Melty Fix Cheek

I was curious to try the new Kose Esprique line (which replaces the Kose Esprique Precious line) so I ordered one of each of the available products-the Blend Dimensional Eyes palette in A-1, the Aqua Drape Rouge in PK870 and the Melty Fix Cheek blush in PK800. The packaging for this line has is made of solid plastic but it has a diamond pattern in black/dark grey which I believe it is suppose to give an air of sophistication but it didn't really impress me much.

Blend Dimensional eyeshadow palette in A-1:

Melty Fix Cheek in PK800:

Aqua Drape Rouge in PK870:

Better picture of the pretty shimmer

The applicator has a flat oval shape.


Top: Aqua Drape Rouge in PK870
Bottom: Melty Fix Cheek in PK800 (swatch in last pic is blended); Blend Dimensional Eyes in A-1

The Blend Dimensional Eyes palette in A-1 was a pretty shimmery neutral palette but it didn't wow me. It went on nice enough and blended nicely but the colors didn't really stand out. I don't often use blush sticks but the Melty Fix Cheek in PK800 was easy to use and blended very nicely. I thought it had a more powdery feel and finish compared to a Nars multiple. My favorite item was the Aqua Drape Rouge in PK870. It felt a bit sticky and thick when I applied it but that feeling soon went away. It gives a nice glossy look; the shimmery is subtle and overall a very comfortable gloss. I'm looking forward to trying out a another color. I ordered these items from Mihoko Shop.


Stephanie said...

The diamond print on the packaging is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for packaging. :D

Bijin Blair said...

Is the palette good pigmentation-wise? And is that vertical stripe a cream base or something?

The packaging looks sort of okay but you made it sound like its cheap plastic hahaha xD

Jenn said...

@Blair The vertical shade is also a powder. It's a bit more shimmery than the other stripes. The pigmentation is decent but on me the difference between the middle and top stripe is pretty minimal.

The case is pretty solid, I just don't like the diamond pattern :)

Unknown said...

I went for the palette in A4 and it is very nicely pigmented. Almost went for A-1. So glad that I stuck to my guns.

I love your reviews.

izumi said...

the packaging looks pretty nice, at least compared to a solid color compact. thanks for sharing! the texture of the blush stick (melty fix cheek? hahaha how do they come up with these names?) sounds interesting :3


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