Sunday, April 17, 2011

YSL Pure Chromatics

I was going to continue with posts on the Chanel summer items but my camera battery needed to be charged. So I'm taking a moment to post on the YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadow palettes that were recently released. I had ordered palettes no.4 and no.6 when I saw they were available on the YSL website. I was super excited to try these shadows out since the colors looked amazing.

They come in a gold casing much like the YSL quints. I hate this casing though because it scuffs easily and is a fingerprint magnet

Palette no. 6 (no flash)

Palette no. 4 (no flash)

Palette no. 6 (with flash)

The shadows can be used wet or dry. In the dry form, the shadows give a soft shimmery look. When used wet, they give intense color with metallic sheen.
The palettes come with a special rubber applicator for using the shadows wet.

I haven't quite mastered using it and for now I'm going to stick with using a brush.

Swatches-Dry form on the left side and wet form on the right side:

Palette no. 6 (no flash)

Palette no. 6 (with flash)
Wet swatches were made with the rubber applicator in the pics above

Palette no. 4 (no flash)

Palette no. 4 (with flash)
Wet swatches were made with a brush for the pics above

Wet swatches from palette no. 6 blended out a bit on the bottom

These shadows are nice when dry but just absolutely gorgeous when wet. The color combinations are also interesting and I'm looking forward to playing with these a lot more.


Tracy said...

I like how this palette has contrasting colors but YSL has disappointed me in the past so I'm hestitant on picking another one of their eyeshadows. They need to improve their packaging!

Anonymous said...

You picked out the two I was thinking to get! Thanks for the swatches! x

Stephanie said...

Great post! The swatches are gorgeous!!!

Jenn said...

@Tracey I totally agree about the packaging! Although I think these shadows are better than the other ysl shadows I've tried in the past

@poseylass @DSK Steph Glad you liked the swatches :)

jilliandanica said...

The colors are gorgeous when wet!!! The purple and green are my faves. Now post an FOTD!!!

Jenn said...

@jilliandanica Lol, I'll try to post more FOTD once my skin goes back to some state of normal. Right now it's a mess!

Mei said...

Beatiful colors...

But did u write down wrong numbers?

first palette is No.6


Jenn said...

@Juul Yes, I did...Thanks for catching the error! I've corrected the text.


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