Monday, April 18, 2011

Nars Summer 2011-Eyeshadows

I made a visit to the Nars boutique today and to my delight (and my wallet's chagrin), the summer collection was available. I knew I would love the Cap Ferrat trio that would be released but I was hesitant about the duos and eye pencil. I was weak sauce and somehow caved into all of them.

Cap Ferrat Trio (with flash)

Cap Ferrat (no flash, my very yellow indoor lighting)

The trio is a smidge bigger than the regular duo

Cap Ferrat and Exotic Dance Duo

Exotic Dance contains a silvery white and light bronze. These two colors won me over with it's smoothness and lovely sheen.

Exotic Dance (no flash)

Exotic Dance (with flash)

Dogon contains a soft taupe duochrome and a dark grey with a bit of shimmer. I was on the fence about this duo, but once I walked around the boutique and got to see the taupe color change depending on the light; I really wanted to take it home to play.

Dogon (no flash)

Dogon (with flash)

Queen Shadow Pencil has a clear base with green flecks

Swatches for Dogon and Exotic Dance:

No flash

With Flash

Swatches for Queen and Cap Ferrat:

No flash

With flash

Here's Queen applied over Cap Ferrat shadows:

All of the shadows swatched very nicely. I will give these a try tomorrow and update on how well they wear. Also, lip and nail colors to come!


Dovey said...

I think I'm most intrigued by Dogon! I've seen layering pics of the two colors, and the combo looks awesome. Did you get a chance to see New Order as well?

Tracy said...

Nice haul! I look forward to your reviews.

Unknown said...

Dogon got my attention! Thanks for this post x

Jenn said...

@Dovey Layering the two sounds awesome. Will have to try it out later.

I did see New Order and I was afraid it would be a bit chunky but it comes off as a nice highlighter.

cushy said...

with and without flash shows a huge difference on the photos. nice swatches.


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