Friday, April 22, 2011

Nars Summer 2011 part 2 and a shiny fing

The sun was out today so I took the chance to take more pics of the Nars summer collection. Here are better pics of Cap Ferrat, Exotic Dance and Dogon.

Cap Ferrat

Exotic Dance and Dogon

The only lip color I skipped on was the Carthage matte lipstick because as much as I liked the color, I couldn't see myself wearing it all that much. Here are pics for Mayflower, Bolero and Wonder.

-Goes on smooth, with a bit of shine.

Bolero Velvet Matte Pencil
-Quite a bold and unforgiving peach color. I prefer it topped with Wonder.

Wonder lip gloss
-Gorgeous glossy and shimmery orange
When I saw the New Order blush, I was afraid the shimmer would be a bit too chunky but once applied, it works as a subtle highlighter.


Top: New Order
Bottom (l ->r): Mayflower, Bolero, Wonder, Bolero topped with Wonder

I've been loving orange/coral lips lately so the Nars offerings were right up my alley and New Order was a pleasant surprise.

As I was looking at the Cap Ferrat trio, I realized the colors were reminiscent of a shiny fing that I recently purchased. I have been a follower of Yasumi's lovely blog and was delighted that she was once again making shiny fings. I ordered her "Principessa Oceano" earrings and they arrived at a lightening speed (2 days from the UK to US-I didn't know it was possible!).

They came wrapped with care:

and safely contained:

I think they go well with Cap Ferrat:

Do visit her emporium here.


Unknown said...

What beautiful earrings! The blue drops are just gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I love coral lip colors too - i never thought orange tinted lipsticks could be so flattering ^^ but now they're my favorite color for lips~

The earrings are beautiful! It drives me nuts how her stuff sells out so fast - and all her stuff is one of a kind so :(...u r lucky to have gotten your hands on such a lovely piece ^_^


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