Monday, April 27, 2009

Bath and Body Works Sale

I got dropped off at the mall while the bf put in some hours at work and I made a stop by Bath and Body Works. My favorite stuff from them has been the Ile de Tahiti line. I looove the wash, lotion and scrub in Tiare Flower. I'm afraid that it's a limited release so I went to see if it was on sale and I could stock up. I ended up buying my 3rd bottle of the lotion and wash (scrub was sold out)at 25% off. I never usually re-purchase shower stuff but I love this scent.

Anyway there was a huge 50%off sale section that had a bunch of name brand stuff like caudalie, murad, ahava and phyto. I was surprise to see that BBW also carried Sekkisei ~ a Japanese brand that was pretty expensive. I was tempted to try some facial items but I just recently invested in some ritzy facial stuff so I decided against it. I did pick up an Ahava body lotion. My sister use to travel a lot and when she would go to Israel I would have her pick me up a bottle of this lotion-it has dead sea minerals and it always made my skin feel softer, even when my eczema was really bad I could still use this stuff and it wouldn't irritate my skin.

Another brand I didn't know BBW carried was Deborah Lippmann. I ended up picking up 3 bottles of polish at 50% off. I got purple rain (frosty lilac), diamonds and pearls (light beige with gold shimmer) and rhapsody in white (frosty white). I'll have to scope out some of the other BBW and see if they have any other colors.

It appears that this sale is in stores only, online there doesn't seem to be much discounted so if you haven't been to a bath and body works recently and/or are interested in brands like caudalie, ahava etc ~go make a visit for some pretty good deals.

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Stephanie said...

Ooh post pictures of the nail polish you picked up!


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