Friday, August 21, 2009

Bobbi Brown Fall '09: Metallic cream eyeshadows

It's hot and humid but I wandered over to Bloomies to take another look at the Make-up Art collection from MAC. I decided to hold off on getting anything but I decided to wander the cosmetic area to see if anything was new. I normally just take a quick glance at Bobbi Brown-a lot of times the colors are pretty but they don't scream to me, but I noticed they had put out the new metallic cream eye shadows-yay!

Luckily the associates were busy with other customers so I could swatch in peace. First pic is in natural sunlight inside the store near the front windows, second one is with flash. There are 8 colors in all for the metallic cream eye shadows, swatch on far right is the new gel eyeliner.

(ok, it's late and I didn't notice that "mercury"
was really big till I posted. oops)

These eye shadows are shimmery metallic goodness! Each has multi colored sparkle to them (click pic to better see it), have a super smooth texture (although not as buttery as the gel liners) and are really long wearing. After having the swatches on my hand for a few minutes, it definitely took some rubbing with make-up remover to get it all off. I was trying to resist Starry purple but I couldn't. I also bought chrome patina and black pearl. I am so tempted to get more.

I also picked up the new gel eyeliner in forest shimmer ink. It's a nice dark brown with a golden shimmer to it. I'm definitely glad I made a pit stop at the Bobbi Brown today to pick up these gorgeous new colors.


MiuMiu said...

they're so shimmery!! love them shimmery shadows hehe

izumi said...

mmmmm love your choices :D they look super pretty!

sizbelle said...

thanks for the swatches, they really look nice! pretty shimmers they have.

Mona said...

swatching in peace is very necessary, i don't get why they always want to bug you!

Yumeko said...

thanks for the swatches
they are gorgeous


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