Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maquillage Fall '09: 3D eye palettes and lip glossess

For fall, Maquillage released 5 new 3D eye shadow palettes. The 2 brown shades (BR 364 and BR 365) are limited edition in collaboration with designer Alexander Wang. These 2 palettes come in different packaging, a black case instead of the standard silver pink case. The others are permanent I believe. I ended up ordering the GR368 and GY867. Thankfully, these palettes go back to having both powder and cream shades. All the shadows were super shimmery and stayed pretty vibrant all day. There was a little bit of fading after a long hot summer day but not too badly and i didn't have much of a creasing problem either.

The Gr368 caught my eye since it has green and purple shades in it, so how can I resist? The shades are a mint green, mossy green, lilac, white gold cream base and shimmery plum liner.

I was worried that this palette may be bit too similar to the GR366 palette, however when I swatched the shadows next to each other. The cream base in the new palette seem a to have a bit more gold in it and the middle green shade is a more green while in the GR366 palette, the middle green has more grey to it. The light green shade in both seem about the same.

The GY867 has a taupe brown, steel blue grey, light gold, light gold cream base and dark brown liner.

There are also 8 new lip glosses being released in this collection. I picked OR264(coral orange), RS587(dark plum) and RS702(pinky beige). These glosses went on super smooth, kind of like Dior lip polishes and were not sticky whatsoever.

The applicator was pretty interesting. It was spatula shaped but not plastic and it looks a bit like a sword from the side.

Swatches: OR264, RS587, and RS702

The minute I saw the fall line up for Maquillage, I knew my attempt to cut back on make up spending was out the door but thankfully, I wasn't let down. I was pretty please with this collection and the variety of colors. Next post, I'll show one of the 3D face palette =)


izumi said...

very prettyyyyyy :) the wand sounds super interesting.. and the shades you picked out look great!

Annie Dong said...

Nice haul! The glosses look pretty well-pigmented! I'm loving the rose shade.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Sooo lovely, I am absolutely looking forward to you swatching the latest 3Dface palette.

I am also so curious for seeing swatches of the Alexander Wang sheer lipsticks (the limited ed ones)...You saw them: are they any good?

Bijin Blair said...

Ahhh, I was thinking of getting BR 365!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty colors esp the glosses! :)


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