Friday, August 28, 2009

Maquillage Fall '09: BR365 palette and lipsticks

These darn maquillage 3D eye shadow palettes just keep beckoning me. I caved and purchased the Alexander Wang limited edition BR365, I picked this one over the BR364 since it seemed to be the cooler toned of the 2 palettes. It turned out to be a pretty nice neutral palette.

The palette has a white gold cream base, a taupe brown with gold shimmer, a dark grey brown with a touch of pink sheen (really interesting color), a brighter light gold color and a dark burgundy liner.

I also gave 2 of the new moisture rouge lipsticks a try. Both were super smooth and creamy and leaves my lips feeling moisturized. I picked PK244 and BE380.

BE380, PK244

PK244, BE280

PK244 was the color on type, while the BE280 was the sheer type. I loved the PK244, but I thought the BE280 ended up looking a bit too pale on my lips. The sheer type lipsticks are in collaboration with Alexander Wang and are limited edition.

Next maquillage post, I'll share more lip gloss shades. I definitely love the new lip gloss formula and I ordered more (will definitely need a make-up diet after this month). I realize they do last quite sometime and are pretty transfer resistant. They do fade a bit after a few hours but you still have some product left on your lips even after eating and drinking.


izumi said...

mmmmmmm i love your buys!! pretty pretty pretty :D

Bijin Blair said...

I love the MQ items that you picked up!

Anonymous said...

The Maquillage palette looks really nice. Also like the two lipsticks you got. <3

But I'm still intrigued by the Lunasol autumn collection, hehe...

Sabrina said...

Gorgeous - would you mind telling me where you purchase this line from? I noticed you're in the US - where do they sell this line in the US? Or is there a website you can purchase this from?

Jenn said...

Hi Lina,

I get maquillage from online sites like There isn't any place in US that sells although is US base website that has this line available too.


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