Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Givenchy Poetique Blue and Poetique Brown palettes + Liner

I finally swatched the Givenchy Poetique Blue and Poetique Brown palettes! Sorry very pic heavy post-I wanted to show the color and shimmer for all the shadows. I love both palettes. Although I will admit that many of the lighter colored shadows are very similar to each other. The shadows last really well all day (Note: I always wear UDPP) and the combinations are endless.

Here are swatches for the Poetique blue palette (For actual pic of palette, please see earlier post). I swatched left to right in each row. Rows are from top to bottom.

All nine shadows

Close up, first five

Close up, last four

So after I fell in love with the Poetique Blue palette, I ordered the Poetique Brown palette. I was afraid it may be too warm of a palette but I was really happy and I think the Poetique Brown is neither too warm or too cool.

Without and with flash

All nine shades

Close up, first five

Close up, last four

The other item I purchased from this collection was the Parad'Eyes Eyeliner in Poetique Lavender. Here is a swatch of it (on the left) next to Lunasol Geminate Liner in 04. In terms of color, I think that the Givenchy liner is more blue while the Lunasol liner has a bit more violet to it. When dried, I also think the Poetique Lavender has a slighter brighter sheen to it. (Will update with a package pic soon). I was afraid that the brush would be too thin but I had no problems with it and I love the color. It also had very good staying power and no flaking.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Edna said...

Pretty pretty. :)

Thanks for the swatches!

Tracy said...

Hi Jenn,
I'm surprised that the colours are so faint! I was looking forward to this palette. Is the pigmentation good? Thanks!

Valz said...

Thanks for the swatches! Givenchy palettes are always soooo interesting!

Shopn'Chomp said...

The palettes are gorgeous :)

Yumeko said...

ooh thanks for the liner comparison
it is a very specal color indeed!
love it

Alisia Brijlall said...

hmmm now i'm not so sure about the brown. i do agree that it does seem like most of the shadows are similar but since i am looking for a new gold/brown palette, i may have to go makeup hunting some more.



izumi said...

gorgeoussssss!! i am majorly jealous :P but you deserve to spoil yourself!!

mayaari said...

the brown palette is really pretty - they look pretty shimmery - is fallout much of a problem?


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