Saturday, August 29, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II

I was thrilled to get my urban decay book of shadows Vol. II that was just released on the urban decay site today. It's a gorgeous set of shadows. There are some repeats from other urban decay eye shadow palettes but there are also 7 shades that are only available in this palette. This set also contains a look book, 2 mini eyeliners and a mini eyeshadow primer potion.

Top has a lid that lifts up to reveal a mirror surface and a compartment that holds the look book which break down various ways to wear the shadows.

Bottom is a drawer that pulls out to reveal eye shadows, eyeliners and primer

Perversion (matte black), gunmetal (grey with silver shimmer), ecstasy (violet with pink sheen), AC/DC (dark purple shimmer), nylon (medium gold shimmer), sellout (frosty beige), mushroom (grey taupe), sphynx (bright pastel pink shimmer)

Half baked (warm bronze), twice baked (dark brown gold shimmer), midnight cowboy rides again (beige with silver glitter), ydk (brown shimmer), jinx (medium blue with blue shimmer), flipside (metallic teal) , homegrown (grass green with gold shimmer), misdemeanor (dark grey blue shimmer)

My favorite new shades are AC/DC, misdemeanor and jinx (reminds me of zoya kotori). The exclusive shades are AC/DC, nylon, mushroom, sphynx, jinx, flipside, homegrown and misdemeanor. The mini eyeliners are bourbon and zero. This is a super cute set and it reminds me that I need to use my urban decay palettes more often since they do have fabulous shades.


Marie. said...

Ooh, pretty!

SweetFurr said...

I have the Vol 1... Vol 2 looks even better with eyeliners, bigger bottle of primer and some new eyeshadows. Too bad that they didn't have this when they were having F&F sale last week.

hanidee said...

Beautiful! I'm planning to buy this when I get my next paycheck, lol.

izumi said...

oooooo cute :D love the shades! much better than vol1 IMO

mayaari said...

very nice - this looks much better than vol I - thank goodness they didn't add any weird pop-ups! this reminds me that I need to use the vol I book more, haha :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, such a nice palette!

Unknown said...

Sooo shimmery! I love shimmery colors. I wish I have more opportunities to wear brighter shades though. =(

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I need that palette!!! I'm on a no buy, but if I wait around it'll be sold out like the first one that came out.
*runs to Sephora*

Caby said...

Ohhhh absolutely beautiful! I want one :) Following your blog :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! ~

Lynnie said...

i like flipside!! is that a nice teal?


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