Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dior Cristal Boreal Crystal Gloss Jewel + ghd Pretty in Pink

Ah shimmery Dior things, how can I resist? I do like the Cristal Boreal Crystal Gloss Jewel better than the Lady Dior Charm that was released last year. The price tag is also a bit better this year but still hurts. The lip gloss pendant is decorated with Swarovski crystal elements (52 according to the enclosed leaflet) with 4 being Aurore Boreale crystals.

It comes in a jewelry type box that flips open. The pendant is on a very long silk cord with a lobster clasp and Dior tag. The cord is a bit too long for me so if I do decide to wear this thing as a necklace, I'll have to switch out the silk cord for something shorter.

The face of the pendant swivels to reveal the gloss inside. Sorry for the lack of swatch. My camera wasn't picking it up very well. The gloss goes on clear with multi colored shimmer meant to give you very iridescent lips.

While stopping by one of my nearby Sephoras to return an item. I noticed that they had a ghd set in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness this month. When Yumeko had posted her pics of the cute pink ghd she had gotten, I was smitten. I had a hot pink T3 iron for awhile and it did a decent job but the ghd was calling me. I liked the color, the cute accessories that it had and the fact that I could curl and straighten. I hunted online and found a UK site that sold it with free international shipping. It took about 1.5 weeks to receive it. There was no tracking which was a bummer. The outside box was beaten to sh!t but the inside box was fine even though there was no padding. Luckily I had an adapter for the 2 prong plug so I was able to use the iron without much fuss. If I had waited I wouldn't have had to worry about the electrical compatibility, oh wellz.

The box offered in the states is different, it's more shoe box like, much like the other ghd packaging. However, it has all the accessories: pouch, hair clips, mini hair brush and tote. Click here to see the Sephora.com listing. This would definitely be a good item for the upcoming friends and family event :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

What a beautiful lip gloss pendant and the GHD is TDF!

sizbelle said...

the pendant is so so so prettyyy... i like it!

GHD, hmm maybe i would invest in one when my hair grows longer as i'm in the struggling stage between bob to shoulder length...

Angela said...

wow the pendant is really pretty. I wish i could get a pink GHD too but then my Chi one is still pretty new so i really shouldn't be buying it.

Bijin Blair said...

Pretty! I love your GHD straightener!!

Yumeko said...

i heart that so and i am glad u got it

izumi said...

oo nice pendant.. yea i agree the string is a bit long :\ could always cut it and retie it? hmm..

Anonymous said...

O M G .

That is SO pretty. I LOVE shiny stuff!!!!!! Wow. Seeing that makes me happy! And then I scroll down to see the CD Smoky crystal palette. SHIMMERY! :) Haha you totally caught my attention! Sharing is caring :)


Stephanie said...

GHD! Ballin'!

stellarvixen said...

woohoo! i got the beautiful Dior pendant too great for party quickfix on the lips since we all get dehydrated from alcohol haha!! great minds thing alike..what a cute pinky hair straightener..yupe yumeko also has her set!


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