Sunday, October 11, 2009

Givenchy Holiday 2009

I think that Givenchy has some of the best packaging around and for the holiday 2009 collection, it definitely did not disappoint in terms of presentation.

The Le Prisme Perles eyeshadow quad (Precious pearls) comes in an adorable drawstring satin pouch. There are applicators included in the pouch and the quad itself comes in a satin box with a removable lid (another jewelry-ish container).

The quad has 4 shimmery shades in white, pale yellow, pale pink and grey. When I got this palette, it reminded me a lot of the Prisme Again! eyeshadow quad in Precious Shimmer but the Prisme Perles has a better pigmentation to it and the colors are a bit different.

Top: Prisme Perles (Precious Pearls)
Bottom: Precious shimmer (I don't usually have that much of a problem with pigmentation with this quad, but it was being difficult).

Overall, definitely not a must have item but more of a lovely gift to have or receive. The packaging is lovely and the quad is decent but not very unique color wise.

I was more satisfied with the other items in this collection that I ordered. There is a new Parad'Eyes Fluid Eye liner in Tender pearl (a pretty metallic pink), a Rouge Interdit Shine lipstick in Pearl Shine (a sheer pearl shimmer) and a Gloss Interdit in Tender Pearl (a shimmery pale pink). The packaging did not have a pretty etching like the Le Poetiques but the lipstick case is infused with silver glitter. The tender pink gloss is a very pretty shimmery pink. I didn't think I would like the Pearl Shine lipstick since this isn't much color but it does give a nice pearl shimmer to your lips that noticeable but not too frosty. I've been wanting a nice pink eyeliner and this fits the bill. With a thin line, it doesn't scream pink but give a nice bit of shimmery pop to your eyes.

L to R: Tender Pink gloss, Pearl Shine lipstick, Tender Pink eyeliner

All items are available on


sizbelle said...

the packaging is lovely! which is tempting me to try them...

i personally like the swatch of the gloss, the pink is so yummy looking!

Popcorn said...

that pink eyeliner is sooo cute!!!!

izumi said...

oooo i love the packaging :) especially the satin pouch!

Blovet Beauty said...

hey tata pink eyeliner is so pretty!! perfect for a sweet pink look!!

Toothfairy said...

pink eyeliner... pretty, but I don't think I can pull it off! at least.. I don't know how to... :P


Shop N' Chomp said...

I agree with you on the packaging! :) What pretty makeup...those swatches look so niiice.

Marce said...

I'm not really feeling this collection...the palette looks a bit like one released previously...but the pink eyeliner, that's new to me! I wonder what it looks like on?

stellarvixen said...

you snag most holidays collection! impressive..nicee niceee..thanks for the swatches and packaging photos hehe

whooa i like the cool black poouch and tender pink eyeliner!!


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