Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mac Magic, Mirth and Mischief eyeshadows and dazzleglass

A quickie post~I went to the Mac Pro store to get the elusive Volcanic Ash mask today and they happen to have some items from the Magic, Mirth and Mischeif collection. I picked up the mineralized duos in Under Your Spell, Midnight Madness and Devil May-Care and the She-zam dazzleglass.

L->R: Under Your Spell, Midnight Madness and Devil May-Care
She-zam dazzleglass

Swatches~I'm not feeling these pics, will have to update with better ones tomorrow. The larger part of the duos is on top with the highlight shade on bottom. Dazzleglass is on the far right.

I really liked the pigmentation in the larger sections of the duos. You can build up the color quite well. The smaller highlighter shade is much dustier, grittier and fall out seems to likely occur. The really liked the multi colored glitter with the silver gloss-will definitely be fun to layer it over other lip colors. I will probably try these out tomorrow and report on how well they wear. It's getting late and I should def be in bed already, bah.

The blogsale page has been updated with a few items (including some dazzleglasses and bb creams), click here to go check out the page or use the link on the right side. Thanks for looking!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, those colors are amazing. Great haul! =)

Marce said...

Ohhh lovely! I don't know if I'll be spending anything on this collection, I'll have to wait and see!

izumi said...

oolalaa.. very nice :) like the stuff you got! i want to see the DG layered!

Blovet Beauty said...

ooohh. i'm really liking under your spell!! esp the pinkish shade


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