Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paul & Joe Holiday 2009

I went to an event at the Paul & Joe counter at Bergdorf today. They were doing makeovers and revealed the new holiday 2009 collection. It was a nice event and everyone at the counter was really friendly and helpful.

There are 2 new highlighting powders that were released. There is a gorgeous design over the powder but the time the compact was being used on me, the design was gone. The mua ended up using the powder not for highlighting but as an all over finishing powder and it was quite nice. It has a bit of shimmer but very subtle. The design is so pretty, its almost a shame to use. I did not see the pink version of this powder since everything was scattered because of the makeovers going on. All the pics below are indoors with natural lighting.

With flash

No flash

Compact does come with a brush

I decided to pick a smoky eye look so the mua used the 001 eye shadow palette. It's a nice trio of shadows, but once I got home I think I may have a lot of similar shadows so I'm not sure if I'll keep it, hence no swatches. First color is a pale lilac color, middle is a light taupe and the last is a dark shimmery grey. I may go for the 002 palette which has more golden shadows since I don't have as many in that family. The mua also used a new loose black pigment with silver glittery, the glittery didn't really stick since it was dry. Almost like a loose version of MAC Cinderfella mineral shadow.

Pretty purple and gold design for this collection

No flash

With flash

I was excited to see the new lip lacquers that were released. They come in squeeze tubes and went on smooth without any stickiness and the pigmentation was good. Some colors do have shimmer and others did not. I picked up 01 and 05. There is also a new pencil eyeliner released. It has the decorative purple design and comes in a dark grey color.

Left to Right: 001 (peach) and 005 (deeper peach with shimmer)

Eyeliner in 001

I ended up getting a gift with purchase. A cute set iwth a notebook, soap dish (?) and skin care samples including the peeling mask. I ended up buying a full size because I really like peeling masks but it's nice that I can actually sample it before committing.

**Update** Other items from the holiday collection are a pouch and vanity box with the purple and gold decoration. The pouch was cute and can be used as a makeup bag or a clutch. The box was just a box with a handle. It was pretty but I had hoped that there were compartments inside.


Popcorn said...

this seems like a great collection!

Bijin Blair said...

That's a nice collection! The powder looks good :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

the highlighter looks so pretty...I think I need that one, LOL

Joey said...

I was there yesterday too! I ended up getting a bunch of items but only two from Holiday - Pearl Powder 002 and Lip Lacquer #10.

izumi said...

wowwwww i love everything :DD the design on the powder is amazing. i don't think i could ever use it... haha.

Sabrina said...

Awesome haul, we have similar taste b/c I placed an order for the face color and both the same lipglosses a couple days ago. So jealous you are in NY!!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures, now I'm even more excited about what's coming in the mail!

Shop N' Chomp said...

This collection is soo pretty! Thank you for sharing it with us, Jenn. :D Your haul is so amazing.

Marce said...

Paul & Joe looks simply gorgeous, the kind of brand that I'd like if I actually had access to it, LOL. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the swatches, very much appreciated. I love those glosses!


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