Friday, January 1, 2010

Dior Pearl Glow and Coquette eye shadow palettes *updated*

After seeing Rouge Deluxe's pics of the Dior Spring 2010 collection, I had to run over to a beauty counter to pick these gorgeous eye shadow palettes up. The lace design on the eye shadows are lovely. The outside of the palette is not decorated and is the same as the Designer Artistry palettes with the silver trim.

Here is the Pearl Glow palette, it has 5 shimmery shades:


Here is the Coquette palette, the shades are less shiny:

I did not do swatches for this palette yet because the pans in this palette seem to be loose; I'm going to exchange it for a better one. I'm also hoping to see more items from this collection since the macys that I went to did not have an actual display. These palettes along with the highlighting palette were sitting on a table by themselves. The face palette did have the pretty lace motif on the casing but I had to pass on it since I didn't think the light pink would do much for my coloring.

*update* I ended up buying another palette at Bloomingdales and returning the bleh one to macys where I got such an attitude from the SA. I tell her I have a return and in the middle of the floor she asks "Can I see it?". Ok, I take it out of my bag and give her the compact. She checks it. "Do you have a receipt?" Yes, I had to dig it out of my wallet. Then it turns out that this other SA had sold me the compact so they do a mini arguement "oh you do this return" "no, you do the return". Finally I get my refund. Bleh. Never going back to that counter.

Anyway, here are the swatches for the Coquette palette:

It's definitely a more subtle palette but very pretty if you're in the market for a soft grey-purple palette. It kind of reminded me of the purple jazz club palette but when I compared the two, the jazz club palette had a stronger purple presence to the colors while these lean grey. If anyone wants to see side by side swatches, let me know :)


sizbelle said...

gosh, how many did you bag home seriously!

Dior really make great effort in attracting buyer with their embossed design.

Jenn said...


The more I look at the coquette palette the more I'm thinking of returning it since I have similar shades. I may just end up with one palette afterall =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, I love that lace motif. :) The swatches are so shimmery!

Stephanie said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! they're so gorgeous!

loraborealis♡ said...

What a beautiful palette! The lace motif is so pretty~

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ohhhhh, these are supergorgeous and absolutely fit the spring collections that will be with pastel colours and lace motives.

sindylicious said...

Dior has come with a gorgeous collection!I looove them! I would love yto own one of these palettes not to say ALL

Unknown said...

SERIOUS dose of WOW!!!!!!!k

Anonymous said...

The Pearl Glow palette looks so pretty! Can't wait for this collection to be launched here in Austria! ;)

izumi said...

WOW! i want both :( dang you. hahaha.


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