Friday, June 5, 2009

Sale update + Sabon

I've updated my sale blog, click on the link on the right to see the new items (smashbox, more Mac, lunasol and beautymaker).

Since M and Lynn raved about Sabon during the blogger meet up, I caved the next day and picked up some stuff.

Almost everything is in a glass container and they wrap each item in paper and ribbon. If you tell them it's a present they'll do even fancier wrapping. Which can be annoying if you're stuck in line behind a couple who bought a ton of stuff (some of which were presents) and there is only one person behind the counter. Anyway here's the unwrapped products:

I purchased the body gel polisher and lotion in Ginger Carrot. I didn't get a scrub since I wanted something I could use everyday. The body gel does contain tiny beads for gentle exfoliation. The scent is amazing, it's like a lighter version of the Origins Ginger collection. I loved the Origin's Ginger items but sometimes the scent was a bit strong. I'm eyeing the Lavender Apple items next from Sabon.

I also bought their lipgloss in #1, a pretty pale pink with gold shimmer. It has pretty good pigmentation and is unscented (there is a scent which was kind of weird at first but it's not overwhelming).

FYI- I had to do this post standing up since my fatty fat fat cat (technically this is the bf's cat) decided to take over my chair. If you saw my tweet-this is the same cat who decided today that it would be cute to jump on my back. He'll jump and just purr till I throw him off. Crazy furball.


Lynnie said...

yay u got the body polisher!! i can't wait to try mine.. maybe i will it tonight. :)

izumi said...

HAHAHA.. sorry, what you said about the cat was pretty hilarious. what a crazy cat!

Edna said...

Yummy bath haul. The packaging is so cute!

Awwww the kitty looks like one of my kitties ... Peter Catcat. I gotta snap a picture of him sleeping like that and show it to U!! The only difference is ... I think hes anorexic.

Mona said...

mmmhhh sabon love :D good shttuff!

omg the cat is too cute!

Eleganteve said...

Cute Kitty! I'm in love with the Sabon scrub, I look forward to exfoliating tomorrow haha.

Stephanie said...

aww he looks like my sister's tobey!!

Joey @ Sabon said...

I love Sabon too. Thanks for posting.


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