Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Handmade goodies from Japan!

My blog stalking at worked had paid off and I was able to purchase a few goodies from Yumeko! I purchased a brush roll in the Sakura print (I had spied it when she posted a preview pic and I was super glad to be able to snag one), a HK eco bag (can the print get any cuter?) and the Banila loveholic palette (yes, I always think of banana + vanilla when I hear this brand since I think Trader Joe's has a banila flavored yogurt).

She threw in a cute eyeshadow palette, blush and yummy candy (esp. the black sugar one!)

I decided to purchase a brush roll since I realized that some of my brushes (like the large blush brush) didn't fit really well in the lid of my HK train case. I felt like I was smushing the bristles a bit. I also couldn't fit things like the guerlain mascara into the train case sience it was so long so the brush roll will be perfect the next time I travel for brushes, mascara and pencils =)

The eco bag was just too cute to pass up. I used it for the first time yesterday to take some packages to the post office.

Thank you Yumeko! Everything is even cuter in person =D

You can purchase her handmade items and other goodies here!


Edna said...

Way too cute! The HK tote would look so cute when you go grocery shopping :)

Whitepiano555 said...

wow everything is real cute!! Is the color of e/s palette show up well??? I had a little bit of diappointment b4 w/ some palette look like this.

izumi said...

adorable!! you lucky lucky girl for being able to snag some xD they're hoootttt!

Laura L said...

cute tote. lucky girl to own them. wink ;]

FuriousFeng said...

super cute stuff!!! =)

Mona said...

damnit. i want one so bad!

Yumeko said...

gah how did i miss this post!?
i am so glad u like everything!!

<3 yumeko


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