Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beautymaker foundation, concealer and lipgloss

One of the first items from Beautymaker that I had decided to try was the Aqua Light Creamy Foundation. I had been looking for a decent foundation and since there has been general raves about the Beauty maker items I decided to give it a shot. I picked the darkest one offered: #3.

It looked a bit dark in the jar but wears a bit lighter. (L to R: No flash and with flash)

It blends very easily and I love the finish that it gives-not too chalky or too dewy and it gives pretty good coverage. It evened my skin tone and help hide some blemishes although my super under eye circles were still visible, they were diminished. You can build the coverage a bit more, but since it has a thicker consistency it may look a bit cakey if layered on too much. Sadly, I got this before my trip to Bermuda and I think that it's a bit too light for me now. Sigh. During the blogger meet-up, I actually ended up purchasing the Paul and Joe Foundation in 50 (I was using 40 before the trip).

I'm also wearing the beautymaker concealing cream in #3 under my eyes. I had originally gotten #1 since I thought there was only one shade offered, but then other shade options popped up and I got #3, which was the darkest offered although now there is a #4 available.

Since I can't resist lip glosses I decided to try the Color Plump l/g in #1, a cool pink color and the Sweet Heart l/g in Peach. Swatch below the lip glosses is the BB concealing cream #3.

Both the gloss are on the thinner side, definitely not sticky or goopy. They give a nice shine although after applying the Sweet Heart l/g on bare lips today, my lips did start to get a bit itchy so it may go up on the blog sale, which is a shame since it is such a pretty peach color. I didn't notice it the first time I wore this l/g since I think I had layered it over a lipstick. I purchased all items through and you can enter MMK06 for 10% off, coupon expires on June 30th. =)


Lynnie said...

is this what u just ordered or did u already have it?

izumi said...

oooo i'm gonna have to get more KBM items, hahaa. esp that foundation, looks pretty promising. how was the coverage/lasting?

Edna said...

OH BM products! Totally on my lemming list

Laura L said...

wooo, is beauty maker, how is it? nice?

birkinbagbeauty said...

I was really curious of how this product would work, and I have to say that your skin looks really gorgeous in that picture.
I wonder, is there any fragance in the Beautymaker foundation?

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! We can use all the help we can! Would be awesome to be able to establish a fabulous resource page for all of us!

I noticed you have a blog sale going mind if I add it?

I will be releasing the first official list of known blog sales by tonight.

Thank you again!

fuzkittie said...

Yay I'm so glad I ordered the cream foundation to try! xD

mayaari said...

I am sooo lemming beautymaker products now!

Mona said...

taiwan... beautymaker here i come


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