Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blog Sale Directory and an unrelated rant

Just read a few posts on this Blog Sale Directory that was put up by mrs Kalia. This is such a great idea since there are quite a few blog stores/sale sites going on. It's still in a set-up phase so more links will be added soon.

Er, a unrelated rant. So after getting my nails done and shopping a bit. I came home and really had to pee. I dash ahead of a couple slowly walking on my block and run into my building. I am across the lobby almost to the stairs when that couple happens to come through the front door and the girl shouts to me that I'm really rude for not holding the door for them. I turned around and told then "Sorry I have to use the restroom so I can't wait for you" and continue walking since that seem to shut her up. I get annoyed if people don't hold the door when I am right behind someone but these people were not right behind me. I was able to open the door and dash across the lobby before they even got to the door so don't tell me that I'm a rude person, you're the snob who things others should hold the door and wait for you! ugh.


Lynnie said...

thanks for the blog sale info.. i have a sale too.

izumi said...

how rude of that girl! it's nice of someone to hold the door but to hold it for someone who's waaay behind you? um, no.

Annie Dong said...

Geez... man if I had to go, I'm not letting people get in my way hahah! I wouldn't even waste time replying. I consider myself semi-rude though! lol *hides*

Eleganteve said...

Adorable award for an adorable blog! =)

I dislike rude people too!


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