Friday, January 2, 2009

Chanel Mystic Eye Quad

I finally found a counter with the new Chanel make-up collection for Spring 2009. I thought I would be won over by the double C lip palette, but the reds didn't really excite me. I did purchase the Mystic Eye Quad since I was looking for a nice neutral palette. I loved all the shades-light pink, soft grey, dark plum and dark brown-they all have a nice shimmer to them that makes the color interesting and gives them depth. They blend together nicely in any combination and stay true all day. It's my latest go-to palette when I don't want to think.

Sorry, I didn't swatch in the order of the palette.
Top row (L ->R) has the bottom right color and the top left color.
Bottom row (L- > R) has the bottom left color and the top right color.

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