Thursday, January 15, 2009

Laura Mercier Satinee Creme Eye Color

I had seen Laura Mercier Satinee Creme Eye Color on the Nordstrom website. I had liked the Metallic Cream Eye colors that this company offers so I figure I would give this product a try.So when I was at bloomies I stopped by the Laura Mercier counter even though it seems that this bloomies never has all the new make up in stock, to my surprise they did have Satinee Cream Eye Colors.

Just like the Metallic creams, the Satinee Cremes come in a little tube-in fact I thought they didn't have the Satinee cremes because they were displayed right next to the metallic creams and blended right in with them. Although once I swatched them all on my hand, they are very different. The metallics have a nice sheen to them, while the Satinee are much more matte. They do have a very soft pearl shimmer to them. The shadow was very smooth and you didn't need very much to get a strong color. The staying power was also impressive. I had walked away from the counter with my hand full of swatches and went to the 2nd fl to take the pic before I wiped it off and It took some rubbing to get all the color off. I ended up using some lotion to help make it give a bit. I'm thinking this will be a good base color or for days when you want a simple matte color for the eyes.

Sorry, the pic is a bit blurry under strange store lighting.

Here are the colors currently available (From top left, going clockwise):
Cocoa velour was a dark brown
Pink Chiffon was a warm pink with subtle golden shimmer
Peach Organza was a bright orangey peach
Stone Suede was a smokey grey
Rum Satin was a medium brown
Ecru Silk was an off white with a subtle gold shimmer

I had thought I would like the Stone Suede but it was a bit of a boring gray to me. I ended up getting Pink Chiffon and the Ecru Silk and the SA congratulated me as being the first to purchase this product. :)

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