Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sephora-New items for Spring

I've been stalking for the past few days. New items from Stila, Urban Decay, Tarte and Givenchy are available. I was lamenting the fact though that none of the store had any of the new items up so I would have to guess which color I would like best. Hardest thing to try and pick was a foundation. I gave Tarte's new anti-aging foundation a shot but I guessed wrong and got a shade waaay too dark. I ordered the 2 shades under in hopes that I would get a nice match but before my order has shipped I found them in one of the sephora stores and checked out the testers-none of the shades suited me blah. So now I will have 2 foundations to return when I do get my order.

I also found a sephora that had the new pearl shimmer lip glosses from Stila. I ordered kitten (a bronzey shade) and ocean current (a berry shade) judging from the online color swatches. When I did test out all the lip gloss shades. The kitten and south sea pearl were completely lost on me. They gave my lips some shimmer but really showed no color. The ocean current gave a nice tint of berry and the pearlescent pink gave a tint of pale pink. The glosses were very smooth and non-sticky. I like that they gave shimmer but not the glittery kind. I tried to capture a hand swatch in the store but my phone did not cooperate. I will post a pic of the 2 colors I got soon.

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