Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clarins Natural Temptation Palette

I saw the Clarins Natural Temptations Palette online and I thought it looked like a great set of shadows. I've never used Clarins make -up before and I figure I would give it a try. When I took the compact out of the box, it was nice to see that it had a very nice design-shiny silver with a pink floral design. I was trying to take pics of the outside but all I would get was a reflection my camera or glare, but here's the inside of the palette.

The eye shadows were more matte than I expected and when I was trying to do the hand swatches it felt like I had to apply a lot for the colors to show up. When I tried wearing the shadow, it had pretty poor color pay off too. It was better when I used some urban decay lid primer but still kind of sheer. I might have to play around with this palette a bit more before I write it off completely but it's definitely not a stand out for me.

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