Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dior Silver Pearl Polish-NOTD

Allo! Just a quick post for the Dior Silver Pearl Polish, it's a silvery grey color that isn't quite what I think of as "spring-y" but it's definitely a nice color. I like that it's has shimmer and it's not flat or too metallic. I haven't used my konad stamps in awhile so I decided to break it out.


Stephanie said...

It's true to it's color, I really like that shade, it compliments your skin tone very well :)

izumi said...

looooooooooove that color! plus your konad is pretty awesome :)

Mischievous Mack said...

oooo I love that shade! How well does it wear (like chipping and stuff)?

Edna said...

SO pretty! I saw it a couple weeks ago at the Dior counter and was so close to buying it... :(

Jenn said...

@ Mischievous Mack I've only had it on for a few days but so far it's wearing well. I do notice some chipping on my right hand but I'm not very delicate with my nails. Left hand is perfectly intact.


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