Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paul & Joe Spring 2010

Here some hasty pics of the Paul & Joe Sparkles collection for Spring 2010. I snap some shots of the testers I was able to check out. The actual stock for purchasing was not available yet. I took all of these with my cell phone so quality is iffy and the store lighting was weird.

The lip glosses:

001 Baby's Breath (clear with shimmer and nude center), 002 Snapdragon (clear pink and peach center) and 003 Primrose (light pink and deep pink center)
The lip glosses are pretty sheer with 003 being the most pigmented.

Eye Shadow:

064 Honeysuckle (white gold and coppery gold), 065 Lady's Slipper (light green and light pink) and 066 Purple Clover (mauve and dark purple)

Swatches for the eye shadows (under subway lighting):

Left pic-Top: 065, Bottom: 066
Right Pic: 064

The items have super cute packaging and the colors are spring-y but not super interesting, although the Primrose lip gloss is slowly wooing me over. I'm curious to see the Alice in Wonderland sets (I believe it's a lip product and blotting sheets, 2 variations) and the re-vamped eye shadows to be released in the upcoming months.

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izumi said...

ooooo interesting.. gosh, spring makeup is out already? i would be afraid of mixing the colors together, hahaha.


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