Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guerlain Jeu D'Ombrelles palette for Spring 2010

I had a bergdorf goodman gift card to use so I took a trip after work in the freezing cold. The new spring items from Guerlain were available and another purple palette came home with me. The jeu d'ombrelles palette has a shimmery white, a violet (no shimmer), a dark purple (no shimmer) and a iridescent pink. There is a dark pink over spray that wears off with use in a cherry blossom design. The outside has no design on it and is a plain glossy black (shows every fingerprint) casing.


For me, Guerlain palettes are sometimes not pigmented enough, but I was pretty happy with the pigmentation in this palette and liked that the purples are shimmerless. The shadows had the usual soft and buttery texture. The blush from this collection was a pretty pink but it didn't interest me that much. The new rouge G were very glossy and shimmery but was also something I can pass at the moment since I'm still ambivalent about the one that I ordered from sephora. Will make up my mind in the next post.


Annie Dong said...

SO sad the print wears off. Basically, it's what makes people buy the product (well, at least for me hehe) so I appreciate any designs to be more lasting - too bad it's almost never the case, especially with those over-sprays! =(

Citrine said...

lol, shows-every-fingerprint packaging...I actually like the black packaging a lot but the actual product looked a bit boring after the top layer wore off...

Anyway, the meteorite compact was gorgeous though.

Unknown said...


Thank you a zillion for this have saved my wallet!

mayaari said...

lol i *just* tweeted you about this collection! so sad that the pink wears off - that might actually keep me from buying it...i wasn't as impressed with MAC's Golden Nectar powder after the shimmery gold wore off, but Guerlain shadows are still pretty good.

Zuuchini said...

the compact and the palette looks extraordinaire! but the swatches are very dull..nothing really exciting about this palette other than its packaging (the overspray to be precise).

Stephanie said...

sooo pretty! Purple is my favorite color :)


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