Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sabon Scrubs

I been meaning to post pics of the different Sabon scrubs and give a quick overview since the physical stores are only located in New York, Chicago and Boston.

Body Gel Polisher is a shower gel that contains scrubby beads and is gentle enough to be used daily. It leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry and there is just enough scent that lingers. My favorite is Ginger Orange.

Another scrub I've tried is the Creamy scrub which reminds me of St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub. The scrub is made of peach kernels and crushed olive seeds, it's still pretty mild and the cream wash is nice. I have Chamomile Vanilla pictured but my favorite is Carrot.

And lastly, I have the Body Scrub, it's a Dead Sea Salt scrub in an almond and soy bean oil base and although it's oil base it doesn't leave my tub as greasy as other scrubs like it. The oils moisturizes quite well and leaves my skin feeling a bit more radiant. My favorite is Lavender Apple.

I've tested out the foamy scrub (half shower gel, half salt scrub) in the stores but it didn't interest me since I felt that it left my hands feeling a bit too slimy.

All the scrubs have a moisturizer in the same scent. I've only tried the body lotion version since I started buying these products in the summer so the butter cream was too heavy at the time. Now that it's winter I may give it a try. The sorbet gel is nice but I tend to be allergic to gel based moisturizers so I'm staying away from buying a full size.


Shop N' Chomp said...

I love the packaging and the names of each scent.

Stephanie said...

I visited the store once, but I don't remember the scents I liked! haha


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