Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet Lashes + FOTD

I am a complete noob in wearing false eyelashes and often even when I finally get one on the other does not cooperate to save my life. Another scenario is that I can finally get them on but then when I have to leave the house they start to lift and I don't have time to fix it so I end up ripping them off. So yesterday was a monumental occasion, I finally was able to leave the house wearing falsies.

I wore the Dolly Wink false eyelashes in Dolly Sweet (No. 1) that I ordered from

The package comes with 2 pairs and a tube of glue. The glue comes out white but dries clear. I used the glue last night and it was ok, by the end of the night one lash did start to come off but the other one was still intact.

They felt a bit weird when I first applied them but that's probably because I don't normally wear flasies. After a few minutes, I didn't feel them at all.

Here was my FOTD last night:

Products used:
YSL Flash Radiance Skincare
Lunasol Wather Cream foundation oc04
Urban Decay Ultra Definition finishing powder
Chanel Empreinte de Chanel highlighting powder
Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzing powder
Lorac Double Feature concealer DF2
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Est Emotional Eyes Palette 09 (review tk)
Kiss Me Heroine Make black liquid eyeliner
Shiseido mascara base
YSL Faux Cil mascara
Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet falsh lashes
Revlon Colorsurge Lipstick in Soft Nude
MAC lip gelee in Resort Life


Lorelle said...

Oooh these lashes are pretty! Not too long, yet not too short. :) Lovely FOTD also, especially the eyes!

Unknown said...


Gawjusssss!!! You are stunning.

I do favour the half lashes over full ones only because they are easier for me to use.

izumi said...

WOW! what foxy lashes! they look great on you :) i'm a complete falsie noob too, hahaha. but this makes me want to try~ not that i ever go out anywhere with enough occasion for me to want to spend more than 10 minutes on my face :|

mayaari said...

hooray for being able to wear the lashes out! I have yet to manage that :)

Bijin Blair said...

Jenn! I'm so jealous of you! #1 is sold out at so many of the sasa stores that I went to! It looks oh so fabulous on you =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, that is so pretty!!

MiuMiu said...

these falsies are SOO pretty...but i think it'll be a splurge if i get them haha

Mona said...

oh these look so cute!

Sabrina said...

Oooh, I love the lips! I may have to check out Resort Life again!

Yumeko said...

oh i loooove this line!! there are a lot of good things in this line! glad u found some falsies u like!

queenyee said...

oh, they're so lovely! i bet i can give them a try :)

L said...

REALLY Jenn, these lashes look great on you! Trust me, keep putting them on... after enough "practice" u will find it easier to use those instead of applying mascara! Esp. if u find the perfect (and light) everyday ones!


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