Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nars Spring 2010

In contrast to the ysl collection, I didn't really expect to like the Nars collection that much from the promo pics but when I saw the items in real life I was pleased with a lot of them.

The new duo from the collection is Kuala Lumpur (sorry there was an earlier typo), a pink with gold shimmer and a plum with gold shimmer. I was afraid the flecks would be too big but they are very subtle in this duo.

Swatch (sorry it's a bit blurry):

The new lipstick in Crusing (nude pink) and lipgloss in Ophelia (soft pink) are now top of my lip colors.



Swatches (Left: Crusing, Right:Ophelia):

Lip Swatch (Ophelia layered over Crusing):

One item that I new I had to get from the promo pics was the Purple Rain polish, a gorgeous dark shimmery purple. The color is lovely, dark but still shimmery and recognizable as purple rather than black. The formula was a bit thick for me though. There was a polish called Soho in the Nars Hearts New York kit which is similar but more violet in color and not as shimmery.

I'm glad I made a stop at the Nars counter at saks. Do give this collection a try if you're in the mood for some soft neutrals like I was or if you're in the mood for some stronger colors there are items for you too such as the Purple Rain polish, the Bains Douches glitter pencil (bright sky blue with silver glitter) and lip gloss in Easy Lover (bright pink).


Zuuchini said...

wah!! me too at first the promo nars pictures didn't impress me much, but with your pictures...TOTALLY CHANGED MY MIND!! Kuala Lampur looks amazing! and cruising tempted to get them now

Bijin Blair said...

Cruising + Ophelia = love!!!

Citrine said...

The purple nail polish actually looks a lot like Let's groove from China Glaze, which has a user-friendly formula by the way. But the nars bottle is prettier for sure.

Resham said...

I liked the rose gold (the lighter) color from the duo a lot...but I am not sure hw will the other plumy/burgundy color work on me...

izumi said...

GASP! purple rainnnn!! i want :<

very pretty haul :D the eyeshadow combo looks great!

Annie Dong said...

OooH! Luscious lips ya got, Jenn! xD The Nars duo is mighty fine too! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty lippie and nails!

Belle Du Jour said...

love cruising!how was the easy lover lipgloss?

Jenn said...

@ Belle du Jour Easy lover was a semi-opaque punchy type of pink. I would have picked it up too but I've been into more pale lip colors recently.


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