Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sephora haul, nail polish and Kino visit

In my Sephora haul earlier this month I ordered the Sephora Brand color palette and the Dior Lady Dior charm. I also redeemed 500 beauty insider points to get a niffy Korres kit and used a promo code to get a philosophy miracle worker kit.

The Sephora Brand play palette reminded me of the coastal scents palettes that have been showing up all over. I was tempted to get one but it was a bit too much palette for me. I liked the color play palette because it was not as big but still gave a bunch of eye shadows, lip colors along with blushes/bronzer. The eye shadows were ok, I have not played with all of them but some colors are definitely more pigmented than others. So far it seems like the blue/greens show up well while the browns were eh, which is ok for me since I primarily got it so I could have some brighter colors that I normally wouldn't buy alone.

I caved and finally ordered the Lady Dior Charm. At it's original release price of $90, it was really overpriced. Also when I first saw it, I thought the colors were too warm for me. So when I saw it online for $75 and in a more flattering color. I caved and ordered it. It's so freakin cute. Still over priced but not as horribly so.

The Korres kit comes with a shower gel, face cream, lip gloss in nude and a mascara. I've used a few Korres products before and overall have been pretty happy with this brand. I first used their body products -body butter, lotion and shower gels since they came in some great scents. My first make-up product from them was the cherry lip gloss and those come in great colors and leaves your lips very soft and moisturized. Their face products have been ok for me. I don't know if it was just a phase my skin was in but nothing seem to make it happy. I had tried the white tea cleanser and the rose night cream. They were both just ok for me. Anyway when I saw this kit offered, I was really happy to finally have something worthy of redeeming 500 insider points. I'm going on a cruise in May and I figure it would be a cute kit to have.

I had found a promo code for a philosophy 5 pcs. kit. I haven't actually use Philosophy products in quite some time. I've tried the purity cleanser and hope in a jar-both were ok stuff. I have sensitive skin and occasionally get eczema breakouts, both products didn't irritate my skin but it didn't help it that much either. I have not tried the microdelivery items so I'm excited to test them out since I like scrubs and have been itching to try some at home microdermabrasion type stuff.

So in my post about my DSK Jewelry, I was wearing one of Revlon's new scented nail polishes. The colors I had gotten were Not So Blue-berry and Sublime Strawberry (color in plumpy star pics and below). These polishes have a fruity scent when dried. Overall they go on easy and wear well. Not So Blue-berry is an interesting metallic blue lavender shade and Sublime Strawberry is a pretty pink with gold shimmer. When the polish is still wet it pretty much smells like regular polish with a hint of the fruity fragrance. However when dried, the smell comes out in full force. I wear a topcoat and the scent was still detectable although you can't really smell it unless you are thisclose to your nails and who spends time sniffing their nails? So it's kind of a weird nail polish feature. The scent did last all week and it got a bit fainter towards day 6-7, but it was still there. So if you would like scented finger tips, go check out this collection at your local drugstore.

On the topic of nail polish, I just found the new Essie North Fork collection at a local beauty supply shop. I bought all three since I ended up liking all of them. I really don't know where I'm going to store all my nail polish since it seems to be growing out of control and I still have to do my Zoya exchange.

Here's what I got from my last Kinokuniya visit:

Yay for Miffy and magazines! So far Voce is my favorite since it has some really great make-up diagrams. Since I have no clue what the words are-I'm all about the pictures. There were also super cute Miffy lunch boxes but I had to show some restraint and not get them since I am never able to bring my own lunch.


Jennnn said...

nice haul! how's the color payoff for the sephora palette?

Jem said...

a sephora palette...

can you do some swatches?

Stephanie said...


DIOR, you are rich person =P

Stephanie said...

girll where is your C-box?!!?!

Citrine said...

"who spends time sniffing their nails?"

Apparently I am the only weirdo who does that...Sublime strawberry seems to be a nice shade it's just that I kind of dislike pink...(I don't even like it that much on blush or lip gloss...)I hope revlon would include some nice soft minty green in their range...

The sephora palette looks nice than the coastal scents one...but I am a chicken when it comes to eye a few neutral/green/teal is good enough for me...


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