Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plumpy Stars and more

I just got my first order from DSK Jewelry. Steph really makes some gorgeous jewelry and I was lucky enough to snatch up a few of her latest creation-plumpy star stud earrings. I've been in an earring rut and when I saw Steph's latest creation, I knew it was time to place my first order. She was super sweet in answering all my questions and soon enough I had finalized my order and was waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

It was a small box, but packed full of goodies.

I have to admit some candy is missing from this pic, I got my package in the afternoon and couldn't wait to have some sweets.

I ordered 4 pairs of star earrings since there were so many pretty colors available and I couldn't make up my mind. Here are some pics:

Top Row: Golden Shadow, Peridot
Bottom row: Clear, Silver Shadow

(I took these pics before seeing Steph's: great minds think alike haha)

I also ordered some Checkerboard earrings.

Top row: Aquamarine, Rose Pink
Bottom row: Crystal Clear (?)-sneaky Steph added this to my order

I couldn't wait to wear my new earrings so this was the set I was wearing today. Excuse the messy hair-I blame rainy NYC weather.

Here's a clear combo:

Thank you so much Steph. Everything is so sparkly and pretty. I hope I can continue my earring baller status. I'll have to order back ups since I know I'm going to wear these little stars and checks to death.


Jem said...

Thank for following my blog.

& those earrings are so cute!!!
i love those little stars!

Stephanie said...


Girl can I have permission to snatch these pictures from you?? I'll so link u!!

Thank you!

your ears are gorgeous DSK Ear Model!!

beeyoutiful7 said...

DSK was super excited for you wear those earrings ! You look super cute =)

fuzkittie said...

Woot! They're so cuuute!

Stephanie said...

gahh! I LOVE this post so much :D

I'm going to expose a secret.

DSK Plump Lil Stars are gonna get fatter..hint hint ;)

izumi said...

dsk jewelry!! i love it :)


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