Sunday, April 19, 2009

ck Calvin Klein set, lipstick and polish

I remember when ck Calvin Klein first come out and only had some lipstick and lip glosses, now the line has everything from primers to nail polish. I had purchased a few of their lip glosses in the beginning. There one eyeshadow palette I tried was decent but not amazing and some interesting nail polish colors that caught my eye but overall I was never in love with this line or completely interested. However with some of the new offerings I've seen have won me over.

I've been on a creme shadow kick, so when I was trolling the Sephora site one night I saw that the ck line had a few colors listed as new: glamour pink, tropical green and turquoise blue. I had tried tempting glimmer sheer creme shadows when they first came out and I thought these colors might be a bit sheer so I decided to hold off till I saw it in person. It seems that it takes forever sometimes for items on the site to show up in the actual stores but I was happy to see that they actually had these shadows available for me to stick my grubby fingers into. I was pleasantly surprised by the colors. Glamour pink is a nice pastel shimmery pink, tropical green is a nice medium green with golden shimmer and turquoise blue is more of a smokey denim blue, not the bright blue shown online.

Shadow pots and one of my kitties' fat paws.

L to R: Tropical Green, Glamour pink, Turquoise Blue (w/o flash and with flash)

I was also impressed by the delicious fusion moisturizing lip color. I was afraid that these colors would be pretty sheer but they turned out to be well pigmented. They go on smooth, creamy and they do leave my lips feeling moisturized. I ended up purchasing love vapor and orchid madness, both have good color payoff although love vapor is more opaque than orchid madness. I really like the bright pink of orchid madness and since it goes on kind of sheer, it's a bit easier to wear and control intensity.

L to R: Orchid Madness, Love Vapor

L to R: Love Vapor and Orchid Madness (w/o flash and with flash)

Love Vapor with Smile Dazzlegloss

When I was in the Sephora store, I also noticed there were a few new kits offered: a Splendid Glam mini nail polish kit, the Fashion's New Face Signature Collection and the Fashion's New Face Mesmerized collection. I ended up picking up the mesmerized collection since it I like the colors much more. There is a silver glimmer creme shadow, a mini delicious pout lip gloss in orchid, a mini creme lipstick in mesmerized and a nail polish in indigo blue.

Here are swatches of the colors offered in the mini polish kit and 2 of the newer colors. :

L to R: Hint of Pink, Indigo Blue, Heartbreaker, Aqua Splash (mini set colors)
Cashmere (nude color from Signature collection set)
(New Green), Silver Streak

Indigo blue is in both the mini polish kit and the mesmerized kit. For the dark green color: I've only seen in stores and it's not listed online yet.

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izumi said...

hmmmm cute :) those cream shadow shades are really nice!


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