Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wordy post-a bit of ranting and rambling

Sorry, no actual reviews today. I am awaiting my copy of CS4 so I can properly label my pics. I think I may be getting it tomorrow so this post is boring, wordy and rant-y.

I went browsing through the departments stores recently. It was so hard to encounter a decent SA. I'm not a very hard customer. I usually I know what I want to get and I just need to be acknowledged and then left alone. At one counter, I was acknowledged but not left alone. The bothersome thing was that the SA would point out random things that weren't helpful. I was looking at the new collection available and checking out the lip glosses so the SA points out" we also have these other lip glosses" riight I even said I was there to see the new collection. I was looking at the new pencil eyeliner and she points out they have a liquid eyeliner...which is nice but not of interest to me and it just seemed like she would point out any generally related product without really paying attention to what I was looking at. Then when I was ready to make my purchase, she tells me that another SA will ring me up. She then tells that SA to make sure she gets credit for the sale and not take the sale for herself-that other girl gets offended and it was a very awkward moment. She also proceed to ask me what nationality I was and then commented that she could never tell the difference between asians....niiice. I wasn't offended and I know it wasn't really meant to be offensive but dang, be a little more pc.

At another counter I was completely ignored. i had a hand full of lip gloss swatches and this SA could not bother to acknowledge me she was talking to a half-interested customer and at some point reaches for a tissue-I thought oh nice she's going to give me a tissue to wipe off the handful of swatches on my hand-No, she gives it to the other woman who had 1 swatch on her hand....thanks. I just walked away. I probably would have purchased something if I was even the slightly acknowledged but since I wasn't I just left that counter. So hard to get good service these days. Sigh.

I had gone to the company store to see if there was anything good. I ended up finding a mineral finish powder with shimmer that was really nice. I also got a concealer and fafi blush but when I got back to the office, I realized that the SA gave me the wrong colors. For the concealer, I might have given the wrong tube but for the blush, it was definitely the SA who pulled the wrong one. Now I have to make another trip over there to exchange those products. Sigh.

Er, more up-beat stuff. I had gotten my geo lenses from Mesmerized Eyes on Monday which was hella fast since it was shipped out on Saturday from Cali. USPS was definitely impressive this time around. Since I have a dang astigmatism, I only got Angel brown and Angel grey. I tried on the brown pair and eyes really look no different a bit darker but it's not reaally noticeable, maybe if I was outdoors it would be more apparant but yeah, indoors not so much. I still have to soak the grey pair and try them on, hopefully they are much more noticeable. Since I was in the first batch I had also received the cutest hello kitty contact lens case.

I had ordered the new Dior stuff from (fyi-I reeeeally like the Electric palette). When I ordered it they were offering a beauty bag with samples. A day after I get my shipping notice, I get an email that the gwp was no longer available. Ok, it was weird I got that e-mail after my shipping notice and I thought that on my shipping e-mail it said the beauty bag was shipped. I got my package yesterday and the beauty bag was in it but no samples-booo, although I really did like the bag more than the samples anyway. Well guess what I got today? A big box from Nordies with just the sample pack....weird but there was some good stuff in it.

I need to start my make-up diet and focus on the stuff I have. I don't know when I'll start since summer collections are around the corner and being oh so tempting. ok, going to end this post; go look at Japanese mags and get to bed on time so I don't end up super duper late to work (again). Hope everyone had a better week than the one I had, yay for the weekend!


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