Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A bit of eki love and moto jewelry (updated)

A crazed day at work and gross rainy weather, but it was very nice that I received a bunch of goodies in the mail. First up is my package from eki. I had ordered a few hair decorations from her when she first opened her shop: a decorated flower and 2 mini flowers with stones. Here's the goodies that she sent:

Along with the flowers I ordered, she was very kind to included one of her barrettes, a eyeko make-up wipe, a pore strip, some hello kitty decals and one of her yummy chocolate pops. Everything is so cute and pretty.

Here is a better pic of the smaller clips:

I'm going away nice month so I figure I can wear the big flower as an easy way to upgrade my boring ponytail/bun if I'm feeling lazy (which I know I will be).

I can't wait till the weather is nicer and can I wear everything out. Thank you Eki for the fabulous hair decorations! If you're interested in some eki love ~ go visit her store.

My other very exciting package of the day is my cluster earrings from Moto Jewelry. I had asked Sarah to make some modifications to her original design and she was very nice in accommodating me. I had asked for fewer pearls in her "very girly" clusters, and swapped out the large pearl for a medium pearl. I also ordered "rainy clouds" cluster and asked to also swap out the large pearl for a medium pearl. I got a preview on her page but they are definitely much more gorgeous in person. Here's what my packaged looked like:

when I pulled my package from the mailbox, I was wondering why my 2 pairs of earrings would be so heavy...She had included a e.l.f lip gloss, candy, and a soothing natural body lotion in addition to the cluster earrings.

I am wearing one of the smaller flowers from eki and a dsk plumpy flower along with my earrings from Sarah. Yep, trying to support all my girls. =)

The Rainy Cloud clusters (along with a dsk star in aqua). It's pretty cool how in the pic with flash the blue crystals turn into a more purplish color:

To get your own cluster earrings (tons of different options) and see the other awesome pieces that Sarah have made go to her page.

And for actually reading/scrolling through this entry, here is a self portrait ~ a first for my blog (excuse the confused look, it was better than the mean look I had in my other pic):

**Updated: I had some pics I forgot to put up. I also realize that my pics become gi-normous if you click on them. I figured out why and how to stop it so I'm warning you ~ pics are waaay to big when you click on them. I was using a new program for photos and I forgot to carefully look at my saving details.


mayaari said...

so many pretty things :) i can't wait to get my hair accessories from eki now! the large flower looks very pretty in your hair

izumi said...

oh i LOVE it!! you make my earrings look gorgeous~ hehee. i hope you don't mind if i use your pic on my motojewelry blog to advertise xD glad you like the stuffs!~

Stephanie said...

Now that is beautiful! An excellent example of a DSK + Moto collabo!!

eki said...

awww Im so glad you liked everything!! you look great with em!! :D

thank you so much~

fuzkittie said...


Bijin Blair said...

Everything that you got is so pretty!


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