Thursday, April 9, 2009

I spy with my little eye, something...

Hi y'all. I just wanted to do a quicky post since I'm sitting here with my clay mask from beauty credit on and I can't do much for the next 20 mins. I've been breaking out like crazy, normally it happens once a month but this time it seems to be quite stubborn so I'm trying this mask to clear out my impurities. Anyhoo, here are some random tidbits:

The Lady Dior Charm (pics in previous post) has been discounted even more at It is now $49! Ok, still a crazy price, yes I know but the blow is being soften a bit more. I've seen it marked down in one sephora store but not in another so I don't know how universal this mark down is. If you've been lusting over this trinket, now maybe the time to get it.

I had gotten the mini set of eco tools 5 piece brush set, but there is a full sized version offered that comes with a powder blush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, a concealer brush and a lash/brow groomer with a make up roll for storage.
Image from

I spied this set with, instead of a make up roll, a bamboo square container cup. It's a simple design made from the same material it seems as the handles with "eco tools" etched on one side. In terms of prices, it was about $2 more than the set with the make up roll.

Maybelline has a new collection of more summery shiny-licious lip glosses all with golden shimmer to them. Colors range from clear to pink/corals to bronze-y shades. I haven't tried shiny-licious lip glosses since they first came out but I did pick up one of these glosses in a coral color. Maybe it was because it freakin snowed, yes SNOWED in New York today and I wanted something summery. The gloss was very pretty and had a watermelon jolly rancher smell to it.

There was also another fuller collection from Maybelline with new eye shadows, shine seduction lip colors and nail polish. One polish called Pot of Gold is clear with a mix of fine glitter and chunky glitter. Very pretty in the bottle-it will probably drive me crazy trying to get an even coat of glitter in practice. Normally I've never been happy with Maybelline polishes but I figure I would give this one a try since it was so pretty and there was a dollar off coupon available at the display.

Speaking of nails, I was bummed to find out that the site I used for Konad supplies is closing so I'll have to find another site-bah. A plus though was that they are offering discount on the remainder of their stock so I ordered some more plates and polishes and extra stamper but last I checked, there wasn't much left.

On a random food note-I decided to try giant Pocky and I think I do like it more than regular pocky at the moment. I usually just saw it and thought it was funny but I've been munching on it for the past week and I wonder if they have other giant flavors other than chocolate.

Another becoming a fatty note, there is a place that makes mini bite size cupcakes and they are delish:

No I couldn't wait, I usually eat 2 on the way home. What's left in the box is smores (my favorite), cookies n'cream, PB &J and peanut butter cup. I try not to be too piggy and instead of making it one bite, I try to make 2. The bf doesn't really eat sweets so finishing them up was left to me; very hard task I know.


fuzkittie said...

Hahaha giant pocky.. I dunno if I like that more.. cuz I feel like with the regular ones I can eat more, hahaha.

Stephanie said...

Ooh Eco Tools, I bought those for a friend, hehe haven't tried it myself

izumi said...

eco tools brushes are niiiiice :)

those cupcakes! o m g. hahahaa. where did you get them from? of course, if you're not from cali, it's not of much help to me :\

Angie said...

I don't like giant Pocky's too much. My favorite are the strawberry crunchy ones!

Mmmmmhm cupcakes! I could eat an entire box in a day! yuuuuum! haha

LOL @ confusing your kitties! haha. Awwww so cute!


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