Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dior Electric Lights + Polishes, nail art

Finally warmer temps have arrived, but so have my allergies. I'm glad I only have to endure a brief spell a the beginning of summer but its still not fun to be congested and have a runny nose. Anyway, enough whining~I had seen pics of the Dior iridescent palette in Electric Lights online and it was instant love so the minute I saw it available on Nordstrom online. I clicked right away so it will be mine.

Here are the pics:

Natural light

With Flash
I was glad that did palette did not disappoint. I've been in the mood for blue/purple eye shadows and it was a plus that this palette has both. There is a silver, a light aqua, a light blue, a medium blue and a deep purple (similar to Urban Decay eye liner in ransom). All the colors have a good pigmentation, lovely iridescence to them and were super smooth and did not crease. Swatches:

Natural light

With flash

There is also a new Dior nail polish called bubble gum which I ordered and I had also found a shade called paprika. You would think that bubble gum would be a shade of pink and paprika would be an orange-y shade (ok, at least that is what I thought) but the opposite is true. Bubble gum is an bright orange, coral color and paprika is a bright pink color. Regardless, I was happy with both polishes and I think they make good summer colors.

L to R: Bubble gum, paprika

L to R: Paprika, bubble gum
I had gotten a few new glittery polishes that I haven't been using much so when I read Eki's nail tutorial, I decided to put them to use. I ended up using 4 polishes to get my results and I was glad to also finally use the nail stickers I had gotten when I ordered my nail stamping machine. Back story on the machine: I had seen Lotus Palace's post on this gadget and I decided to give it a shot since it came with a bunch of random stuff. In short, I could not get the machine to work for me, I just ended up scratching up the plate I was testing with so I went back to my manual stamping ways. At least I ended up with a bunch of rhinestones which were ok (variety of colors but some stones are bigger than others), faux-nad stamping plates (including a hello kitty design), extra stamping polishes (I had the bf test for lead and it passed so I guess they are safe to use) and a bunch of 3D nail stickers. Anyway, I'm happy with my ending product:

Glittery goodness for the summer!


Whitepiano555 said...

this eye palette is really GOOOORRRgeous. ^_^

and your nail is very pretty.

izumi said...

wow! i love absolutely everything in this post :) i was swatching that palette today.. wish dior wasn't so expensive!

fuzkittie said...

The dior palette is very very pretty~ The colors are so nice! Lovely nails! :D

Mona said...

i really like the way your nails turned out! i don't think i can trust myself to do anything complicated like that :)

♥sormui♥ said...

i like ur nails! howd u do them?

♥sormui♥ said...

really? did u put a layer of pink for the tips? they look soo much pinker than the rest? which sparkle nail polish is it?

♥sormui♥ said...

Oh ive never heard of Orly where did u get it! soo pretty! :D


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